Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations to the New Born America!

America has been reborn.

The whole idea of electing the son of a Kenyan, black and with a name like Hussein and Obama as President of the United State, means more than folks can even begin to understand and we on the ouside of it all, have been watching keenly, hoping and praying that America will show itself of the supreme moral fibre to do something which no other western country (despite their claims of open mindedness and fairness and all that stuff), has.

The symbolism is awesome,

The symbolism is awesome

This is a time when we can role back the evils of the past symbolically. Remember I say symbolically. But symbolically is enough for those who have positioned themselves to advance. Those who want to ride some gravy trains will be in trouble.

I have republican readers and I want to say that Mccain was admirable. His concession speech had me tearing up with how eloquent and succint it was. It just wasnt I believe, the season for republicans (the fundamentals just didnt favour it). However as sure as seasons change, Republicans time will come round. My prayer is that we will see the birth of a new republican party that does not major on fear and division and stiring up the coarser instincts in us all. Mccain was and still is a worthy opponent (not too sure about all that stuff with Palin though).

Black women savor this moment.

I just want to say to bw, its time to position yourself for the opportunity change brings.

I will be speaking to you about strategies for positioning yourself for victory. Yes the image strongholds are being destroyed, entrenched ideas that people refused to give up are being rent apart, what replaces it is what you black women of today will decide. Dont waste this opportunity to steer towards the right future and secure it for your daughters and grand daughters!

There is a new army of bw emerging.

Now when I think of it, my blogging, the springing up of women empowernment blogs and messages all around, even the 'turning' of the content of magazines and media to black female prioritising ones, all seems very timely. Who could have known that when we all started out that it was all building up to this point where a 'new-minded' set of black women would be able to position themselves and take advantage of the season of opportunity.

Now let me say this, I see Obama's victory not in terms ushering in anything but a symbolic release for the black person. There will be no handouts, in fact I think handouts will be cut to black folks. But the thing to grasp here is that, symbolic strongholds have and are being destroyed for black women. The stronghold of the image of bw as luckless, unloved, irresponsible, destroyer of civilisations destructions is being dealth a serious blow with the presence of Michelle and her two little ones. When folks try to pigeon hole black women the way they always do, into these category, the idea and oresence of Michelle will wobble that picture. Even the idea of bw not the consort of any powerful man is being destroyed right before our eyes. Now take a moment to think, 'How will I position myself to reap from this fertile period?'


Anonymous said...

you also have to realize the only reason obama won was cause everyone hates bush, and nobody wanted 4 more years of bush (McCain)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that Obama's victory is more symbolic and "we" have work to do in pulling down those negative strongholds on black women today.

There is no "only" reason as to why Obama won. There are many reasons as to why he's qualified to lead our nation. I'm going to keep it positive, but real and focus on what I need to do as an American citizen to make a better nation and as a black woman to build a better image and community. Hotep!