Saturday, February 07, 2015

She who has the Knowledge Wins!

Today again it was brought to me how being in possession of the right information puts one ahead of the pack. I went out for a social event in a pair of impossible heels (the ones that are you know, ok for all of two hours and then you wonder how you ever thought to wear them!). Anyway on my way home I got out of the train station and there was a young black girl who passed ahead of me and literately flew down the road. I watched her get smaller and smaller as she raced away as i cursed my shoes again and bumbled along with my feet sore and all.

Anyway she soon disappeared from sight, and I took my usual route all the way back to the place I needed to be, which involved cutting across a small housing estate and a few parks and etc and then hopped unto a street that would take me to the next street which was my end destination, and guess who I saw as I turned the corner? Yes you guessed it, the young lady who had disappeared from my view was turning off the main street across from me and we were both headed clearly to the same street but this time around i am actually a few yards ahead!
Now it is possible that she had stopped off somewhere but most likely she took the longer route while I, knowing the area, knew the short cut. From the way she looked down when she saw me I think I am right in guessing that she took the long route such that even while i was working unbelievably slow and she was racing down the road with all that energy and effort, in the end I arrived just ahead. 
Do you sometimes feel like that in life? That you put all the effort and energy and yet just cant get what you pursue. Maybe you went back for another degree but it didn't lead you to that promotion, in fact as soon as you completed the second degree you found out that the 'in' skills being sought in your industry were from a totally unrelated field.
It happens all the time. I remember seriously contemplating a training certificate which would have costs thousand because it was said to be the 'in thing' if you wanted to be any sort of trainer. A year later there was a change of government that jettisoned the previous policy on the matter. The new government went as far as to encourage the recruiting of teachers and trainers straight into classrooms from non teaching and training backgrounds. 

My suggestion here is focus on the right knowledge for your endeavor and that will entail a lot of research, considering broader conditions even geopolitics and a lot of sheer informed luck.
Whatever it is you are struggling with, there is the right knowledge that will help you get there. Realising there is a knowledge gap is the first but most important step because some folk don't even know that they don't know and that is a big problem.