Saturday, June 14, 2014

Painstaking is how it must be sometimes

Certain journeys in life will involve you building brick by brick. It can be discouraging and off putting but only by laying one brick on top of another can you get to the end goal. I am learning the need for patience with myself in a number of these situations.

Goodbye and Goodnight Karlheinz
Karlheinz the Actor
Some of you might have seen this play out in your search for the right diet for you. Because of your own particular psychology calorie counting might not have worked. You might have tried dozens of methods, approaches and each tried 10 times before discarding. At the end you realise one particular method with a strange individual twist will give you the results you desire, and then you plateau and have to start the discovery process all over again. The idea is never to give up. If you are a single woman you might have got to a point where you realize that you have to discard everything you know or have been told about settling down, and painstakingly map out a new strategy by trial and error. Some of us realized that we had to start from scratch with how to put ourselves together, diet and fitness and then putting ourselves in prime locations to meet guys. You might have come to this realization after years of thinking it would just happen, or those precious years sitting up in church praying and thinking one of the few brothers would take notice. But realising there is a journey ahead can require you gathering yourself and purposefully setting out.

I went to watch the film 'Edge of Tomorrow' with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.
I don’t want to give too much away however one thing I really dug about the film was the pain-staking way they followed and tested each strategy until they arrived at the successful method to their goal of destroying the enemy. At one point the character played by Tom Cruise admitted that they had tested just one little section of the process a dizzying 300 times! It requires watching to understand but suffice it to say that sometimes you have to build your strategy to success by painstaking trail and error, noting down what works and what doesn’t, testing your theories in real life circumstances until you can say, 'I know the way.' Then you become an expert with a deeper insight. And you know that you know, that you know how to get there!

Halima is out for the Summer. See you Aug 30!

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