Sunday, March 15, 2015

Checking in...

Hi Folks

Its been over a month. I am still here lol!

As a lot of my posting these days are not about interracial relationships but getting ahead as a black woman I am in the process of presenting these writings in another blog (I am still doing a bit of working looking at how it will work and setting it up).

So bear with me as I migrate to a more appropriate format.

While I am at that Please have a think about developing mental toughness

I am in the middle of a book which to me seems like it is the missing puzzle I have been searching for in bringing things together for me.

There are a range of books out there dealing with the subject of Mental Toughness. I would encourage you to pick up one or two and have a read. Amazon will have ratings and reviews to help with your selection.  In our modern times with so much competition and erosion of self belief, it is good to know there are certain principles and techniques you can employ to keep you goal focused and on course in your ambitions despite set backs and fears.
Keep at your goals!