Monday, March 07, 2011

"People prefer faces that appear to 'like' them

You can alter your attraction to the opposite sex simply by looking straight at them and smiling, research suggests.

While many studies have found links between face shape, expression and other physical "cues" to attraction, one study is the first to look in more detail at the direction of gaze.

The researchers wrote: "Mating effort is a finite resource that should be allocated judiciously, and preferences for direct gaze in opposite-sex faces would increase the likelihood of allocating mating effort to potential mates who are most likely to reciprocate."

It suggests that how attractive you find someone is governed partly by how likely you are to be successful says - Professor Ruth Mace

University College London One of the paper's authors, Dr Claire Conway, said: "People prefer faces that appear to 'like' them, showing that attraction is not simply about physical beauty."

Professor Ruth Mace, a researcher into evolutionary anthropology at University College London, said that while this seemed an obvious principle, it could be a sign of evolution at work.

She said: "It's a pretty clear signal whether a person is interested in you or whether you are wasting your time."

"But it suggests that how attractive you find someone is governed partly by how likely you are to be successful." link

Halima says: Try everything to loose the weird vibe that black women suddenly get when around white men. It registers more than you realize.

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Love in all colors said...

On point!! all blk-women take note to get the man, you really want. a happy face, is the winner!! all the time. but a face that show's strong resentment. will always keep you last. so, understand how other ppl do it and use it to your advantage.

Zabeth said...

It's the 5 second flirt.

Faith said...

Isn't this further confirmation of how normal behavior leads to more pleasant interactions?

squarlymade said...

This is information is also good to know and read, so that when others are publicly touting their "stats" of white men only signing up to be matched with white women-you can have a well informed response to 'the findings'. I wish we had one of our BWE women on 'The View'-there'd be some real ed-u-ca-ting moments!

Out of darkness said...

Hi Halima this is an interesting blog. I've always what I've had to call a naturally born" mean face". My father has the same thing, always with a very serious expression. Throughout my lifetime, I keep getting people even strangers telling me to smile. The thing is, its not that i'm upset with the world, it just happens that every time i relax my face, it appears that way, i'm not even aware of it happening until someone says it .For me to get rid of it, I'd have to walk around with a smile on my face like a prom queen, cause the second I relax it....I'll appear mean.
whats your thought on this Halima?

Halima said...

Hi there 'out of darkness', I have a similar face to yours in that if i dont deliberately tug up my face, it settled into a look that might not be the most inviting. I also do a lot of thinking on my commute to work or out and about and this tends to also make me look serious and a bit mean, when it is simply because i am working stuff out in my head. I think we have to deliberately work against it. someone mentioned on Khadijas blog about thinking of one thing you are grateful for when you are ut and about. it naturally moves your features upwards as you dwell on the pleasant thoughts.

Also being out of your head and note the nice flowers and birds etc can help!

Out of Darkness said...

Great advice Halima..Thanks!