Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why you must loose weight now!

Plainly put and without preamble it will be you number one insurance policy in a time when public services will fail and grow uncertain and substandard. Unless you have been under a rock you know that the West as a whole is in a big financial hole. Both Europe and America are still facing the possibility of a double dip recession.

We have for years talked about how streamlining your life and having a full grip on your personal decisions (child birth, wealth creation etc) will enable you survive. The issue of weight loss is part of it and is more urgent now because social infrastructure is collapsing. Lax and wasteful lifestyles where folk cant even be bothered to think two steps ahead to get out of danger, will no longer be subsidized (which is essentially what a lot of these intervention programs amount to).

I want to commend the anonymous who wrote in this comment on my last blog post (indeed I dont always get time to respond to the many wonderful and encouraging comments).

In addition, to prevent information overload and gain more clarity in my decision making, I've hired a trainer and workout everyday; I will begin fasting and will start turning off the TV. I can't read all of the BWE blogs because for me, its just too much information to feasibly process it all. I have to focus on one which will be yours.

This is the sign of someone who is really serious about getting to the next level. The next level requires expending energy (emotional and physical), time, money, auditing and essential streamlining of life.

The truth ladies is that you have no more time to 'make up your mind' to loose weight especially if you have had a weight problem for a while (and lets not get into the usual semantics about what is 'overweigh' and how someone 'overweight' can be the healthiest person ever etc etc etc). You should already be on board a weight loss program or simply confront and accept what a future with long term and terminal health problems (brough on by your refusal to get to grips with your weight issue) will bring.

Am I saying it will be easy? Absolutely not but when has that ever been an excuse not to do what needs doing.
Health is wealth they say, and in the near future Health will be Wealth!

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E.A. said...

I like the featured comment that pointed out de-cluttering her life as a strategy towards 'living well'. The whole world seems to be running on overload, and there's so much choice of everything out there that it's easy to lose focus. I'm going to borrow her suggestions and minimize the amount of TV, Internet, food (even though I don't struggle with being overweight, I know I have an addiction to sugar and fat!) I take in and focus on what's really needed.

Brenda55 said...

So true, so true. Excess weight is not only a health risk but a risk to your financial health as well. Insurance policies are more expensive or in some cases non-existent for over weight people.

When traveling you can be charged a surcharge for excessive weight. It can also limit your employment options. I know, they cant discriminate against you right? Sure, but you have to prove that you did not get the job because of your weight.

Margery said...

Hi, Halima and All,
I am the "anonymous" referenced in your post. I continue to make weight loss a priority in my life. It supercedes many other things in my life that in the past I made a priority (church, Sorority meetings, etc.). I am starting to see increased energy level, weight loss (I don't weigh myself though) and increased confidence.

I had to make a change in my eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. I lost five maternal aunts to diabetes related illness and heart attack. What sense would it make for me to continue down this road of slowly killing myself when I'm supposed to know better. It has been expensive using the trainer, but it is an expense that I am willing to pay for what I want (someone to help me understand what I need to do to maximize my health).

I implore each and everyone of us to take care of our bodies. An unhealthy body makes it very difficulty for you to accomplish your goals. I am an Administrative Judge by day and am cultivating a small business. I met with a client on Wednesday (an older Indian gentleman) at a restaurant. I was amazed at my level of confidence in talking with the man. I attribute this to my recent (its been about five months) lifestyle changes in making weight loss a priorty.

Thanks Halima for acknowledging my comment. I am anonymous no longer.

Didi said...

Hi Halima
I'm a longterm lurker who admires the work you and other BWE bloggers are doing to advance the cause of BW. I had to de-luk to post this and I hope you don't mind. The article was incredibly sad for me and I was moved to make a donation to the defense fund. I am hoping other women can do the same- we are all black women and this could have happened to anyone.
Here's the link with information:
(Please note I am in no way affiliated with the victim or family (I live in the UK) but this was too important to ignore.
Thanks and if you want to move the note I will understand.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Halima,

This post is very near and dear to me. I have recently been doing a little traveling and getting out and about. I have been making purposeful observations of non-black women and their lifestyles.

It seems very clear to me that these nonblack women have ALWAYS been in touch with their beauty and their value as women. Not withstanding the knowledge that the society we live in has been at the direction of non-black men...despite these non-black men's well known and documented love/desire/attraction for non white women..etc etc.

THat being said - I have noticed very clearly that non-black women have always excercised and kept a handle on their weight. And the activiites that they engage in on a constant basis are things that I have now incorporated into my life.

Let me be clear - I workout aerobics and weight bearing moves which increase my muscles in a non-bulking way. I do Yoga now, I walk better I can move better I can breathe better..my blood pressure which has never been an issue is at a constant good point. I just feel more optimistic and open to good things happening in my life.

I have seen that on this "slice" of life - that non black women dont hesitate to get to and UTILIZE resources to make their lives easier , breezier and lighter. So why shouldnt I as a non-white woman do the same thing.

I also, gave up the weaves and now I rod my hair for soft beautiful curls, I sweat during the workouts..and I dont even care!!! I pin my hair up and put on the shower cap and shower and afterwards I still have curly hair that I style and then go about my day!!!!

It is so clear to me that if you are just entering this interracial circle that you realize white men do activities...they boat, jog, hike and get out there and enjoy their lives. You have to be prepared to do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous:

I think some of us do not realize how easy and breezy life can be with the right man. The right man will have you singing.


Margery said...

Hi, Ms. Mellody,
I think I know you. In fact, I think you might be the MsMellody with whom I grew up. Does "South Wilton Place" in Los Angeles ring a bell? If not, forgive me. I just got extremely excited when I saw this post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margery.

Sorry, no. I did not grow up in Los Angeles. But I have visited California briefly and it is indeed a beautiful place to vacation!

I am glad you are a reader of blogs like this.

Take care.

Sophie B said...

This post made me smile.

Earlier this year I was weighing about 150 pounds or so. For my height, I knew I was overweight.

So I got on the NutriSystem plan and joined a gym.

I came home to visit recently and everybody remarked on young I look etc. Of course, they think it's because of a man etc. but I let them know it's because of me and my life and what I want out of this life.

I now look back on my life and I realize that at the times I was heaviest, there was always a man around who was lowering my self esteem.

I'm only 28 and I can only imagine the life I would be living if I hadn't come to my senses and left it all behind.

When we look good, we feel good about ourselves both on the inside and out.

Thank you for another great post.


maria cummings said...

Why am I not surprise that this post has only 9 comments. In my experience as a black woman, I find that too many black women are more interested in their hair and nails than their health, mind and body. These women would spend hundreds of dollars on their hair yet they will not use any of that money for a gym membership. I just don't get it. Some of these women are overweight and proud.
I remember the actress/comedian Monique would boast about being overweight like it was a good thing. And they have the nerve to say that they're 'thick' when they are clearly obese!
Then you have the black women who think that if they lose weight, black men won't find them attractive and I'm like really? These same bm if they get the opportunity, will date a skinny wm at the drop of a hat. They don't realise that only broke bm date overweight women.

It's funny how all other non black women are encourage to keep a slim figure but for some reason, black women are expected to always be overweight. Everytime I go out I am guaranteed to see overweight black women out and about. And I live in Panama a place where looks is everything. All the latino and white women get dressed up. They dress up even to go to the supermarket, but not the black women. It's a damn shame. When I go out I get a lot of looks because people are not used to seeing a slim decent looking black woman. And I laugh in my mind when I catch some of the white girls looking at me. If black woman take charge of their life and control their weight, our quality of life will improve a lot. Did you know that overweight people earn less than everyone else. This has been documented and proven as a fact.