Sunday, February 12, 2012

We love you Whitney: RIP!


Anonymous said...

It's amazing--even you guys, 'across the pond' are missing Whitney with her beautiful voice; also amazing that she died on Brandys birthday---but let this be a lesson to all young girls out there: leave the BAD BOYS ALONE!!MEN only change and get off dope for GOD or themselves. Whitney was virtually drug-free until she met Bobby--It has been said that when women marry druggies or drunks, they start to join them, after they try to get them to stop..the movie the DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES comes to mind

Jacque said...

Whitney had everything...Talent ,looks,poise,pedigree,connections and serious personality. I miss that voice I will miss her terribly. We all will miss her.

Anonymous said...

A DBRbm got another one.
Rest Whiteny.
May her daughter come across BWE.

when women lower themselves for "black love"

May her daughter find peace

Monique8 said...

Whitney was a phenomenal talent with a voice truly sent from heaven...but she married down. Bobby Brown had the classic signs of a loser: several children from different women none of whom I beleived he married, nominal talent, a fledling career, bad boy image and attitude (i.e. "swagga")and a penchant for drug use. He wasjust not on her level. But true to her indoctrination and the indoctrination of so many BW, she beleived that her love would change him and trun him into a quality man. She was wrong. That relationship was just toxic for both of them as I beleive they brought out the worst in each other, the only good thing fro their union was their daughter. Bobby brown quickly moved on to another woman and anoter baby and Whitney is dead. Learn the lesson, BW. As Evia has said countless times the man you choose to mrry and mate with will have consequences for generations.

Anonymous said...

GOD!! i am going to miss this WOMAN! soooo much.this really breaks my hert to see her go soo soon, may she rest in peace with god.

Anonymous said...

@Monique8,you are soooo right about everything u said, this why it is soooo important for us to teach our young BLACKGIRL'S! to know thier worth, and to marry up! also let this be a leason learned for us to teach and show our girls what happens when they deal with the BOBBY BROWN'S, of the world i think it's time we be real and truthful to our young black girl!! about the world, when it come to bw. cuz if we dont who'else will?! so to all bw dont settle for less u r worthy of more so know who u r inside and out and always keep GOD! FIRST! NO MATTER WHAT.

Joyful said...

At a Grammys party last night I heard about Whitney's passing. It was sad for me, but not a surprise. This is what a woman can EXPECT when she permits a DBRbm into her sphere. Even socializing with a man like that can and will ruin a woman's life.

At the party a girlfriend of mine from China was asking me how and why a successful woman would marry a drug user. I didn't want to try to explain the indoctrination that BW get from the cradle to the (all too hastened) grave. All I could say was that something inside her drew her to him.

There are so many BW like Whitney, who have talent and beauty, and throw away their one and only life on a worthless black man. SMDH. We only know and are talking about Whitney Houston because she was famous, but there are so many bw and bgs like her, who could set the world on fire... but they get taken out hard and early by the bottomfeeders in our collective.

Any of us who have young black girls in our lives can use this as a teachable moment to clarify the dire consequences of letting a worthless man into your life.

arthur said...

The soundtrack from "The Bodyguard" was the highest selling movie soundtrack of all time. I am sure that the demographic that put it over the top was white men, a group that doesn't normally buy soundtracks, or much music at all. And, a certain type of wm, those with maybe a stronger instinct to protect women and children. I have my own copy, and the movie CD also.

For us, that movie was iconic, and Rachel Marin was almost a real person. She came across so clearly, I think, because Whitney was just playing herself. I don't know how other folk may have seen her, but to us she was immensely appealing. Every one of us wished that he could have been Frank Farmer.

Rachel found her bodyguard but Whitney never did. All we can do now is remember.

foreverloyal said...

I loved Whitney too but everything I have read says she was using cocaine before she met and married Bobby Brown.

Apparently he was also an addict (alcohol I think?), which of course didn't help.

Two addicts together is a recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

Whitney really did make bad choices in men, Bobby Brown and Ray J. The choice of a mate has a tremendous effect on your life and your child's life.

ak said...

I grew up looking up to Whitney and admiring her voice, beauty, and top model poise like many but I felt she really let me down by the mid to late 90s when she acted like Bobby Brown's conjoined twin! That was so sad but I'll remember her the way she was in the 80s, preferrably.

But it strikes me just now that another black woman celeb fell into the same drug trap as Whitney but WITHOUT falling into all of the other traps: Naomi Campbell.

Of course Naomi isn't perfect because of the drug use and her probably still-unresolved anger management issues, but Naomi never got herself lumbered with any useless hulk of a so-called 'man' or trap herself with his kids.

Naomi had and has kept plenty of her allies in the fashion industry and that probably also helped keep her career going without losing any steam. And Naomi was only ever seen with the most famous and/or rich men only even to this day.

I don't know what fundamental difference there was between these two women's situations but it must be something I feel.

Martine said...

Ak- to answer your question.Namoi Campbell is an Afro-Carribean BW and is very fortunate to have not been indoctrinated with African American brain washing. As a Carribean decended BW myself who grew up in America, I give thanks everyday that my parents were not born and raised in America.I give thanks everyday, that I was taken abroad as a young girl and had the opportunity to see with my own eyes BW living, loving, & marrying in the global village. I was taught as a young girl to marry someone with the same values or in the same class. I was also told repeatedly by my mother that I was not to bring home a person or man just because, "they were black too". I was told that Haitians travel the world, study, attain advance degrees, and marry anyone of any race. I give thanks for that programming, because it has saved my life! Unfortunately Whitney was programmed with the belief "only a BM would do" no matter how class-less, silly, dyfunctional, toxic, and DBR he was. If such a man had approached a woman of her status in any community across the world, he would have been run off by the elders and men of the community. In my culture he would have been driven away by the family of the BW alone. Their insults and abuse would have driven him to divorce her. They would have tortured him mentally and non-stop lol! Bobbie got lucky with Whitney's people! My parents would have hurt him!What a sad price to pay...and now Whitney is dead. She was a jewel and a princess but did not know her worth. Black Women please know your worth! Love and Mate with men in the global village where there is enough good, love, adoration, cherishing, protection, support,happy marriages, and emotional abundance for all of us.

laureng said...


Well said!

Sharonkay said...

I am sorry to hear of Whitney Houstons death. It is too bad that she got involved with someone like Bobby Brown. She would have been a lot better off marrying out or dating men of other races. Rest in peace Whitney.

laureng said...


And I'm glad to hear that there still are men around like that. I see you guys as the real men in the world, ones devoted to cherishing and protecting.