Friday, April 12, 2013

Adieu Great Lady...

Margaret Thatcher

There is only one and now she is gone.

A shop keepers daughter who took on the establishment and won! Always beautifully turned out, a cover girl, a scientist. She truly believed that as a woman she was way more efficient than the wobbly male political class around her. She always said: 'If you want something done, ask a woman. If you want something said, ask a man'.

Maggie the Scientist at Oxford

And she did sing along too!

She got on with the job without whining about men who gave her the side eyes or made some 'sexist' remark. In fact if you watch videos of her (available on youtube), fielding questions about her domestic role, her motherly and wifely duties, she actually took on the male questioners on their level and made them appear to us today as really foolish.

Mother of twins

She took questions about her womanhood in her stride as if it was the most natural thing to answer, in fact she was the only woman I know who could make men look like dolts without any effort at all. By being effortlessly efficient and capable both as a mother and PM she made men question their own roles. No one doubted her womanhood or her motherly abilities and all these attributes coupled with an iron resolve shocked men into silence and respect.

The cover girl

It was her gender that was the element of surprise, it allowed her to redesigned British indeed Western politics and put a stamp on it. She re-formatted the social and political structure of Britain, and indeed no credible political commentator will deny that Britain today is one which continues to adhere to the formats put in place by Margaret Thatcher. She was indeed the woman who answered, when asked what was her greatest achievement was, that it was "Tony Blair and New Labour.”

The Iron lady could iron and do dishes

Did she make mistakes? Many. I am sure she herself in the quietness of her room regretted many. She had a huge task, an almost unimaginably hard task lay in front of her when she took over the reigns of power in 1979. Britain was essentially in decline. Challenges came from the four corners at the same time. With the Unions playing roulette with the lives and livelihood of millions she had to be as tough as she could. So indeed she made mistakes, a truck load, but who hasn’t? If I let myself make half as many as she, I would be in a different league altogether today.

Her achievements

She might not have wanted to be a feminist icon (which continues to anger many modern feminists) but she couldn’t help be a role model particularly as a woman who got on with the job at hand without endlessly whining about men trying to exclude or freeze her out. Public life and domestic life were seamlessly interwoven as if there was nothing to it at all.

No one can deny her legacy!

So I will miss this grand old dame because more than anything else and more than the tallying of the wrongs and rights, I loved the symbolism of Thatcher of what she represented in minds and hearts

Adieu great lady!

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Mrs. Glam said...

Beautiful post. I am not terribly familiar with Thatcher's body of work, but this post has enlightened me. Thank you for writing it.

ak said...

Very well written send off Halina

Halima said...

Hey ak I believe it was you that said you are looking into the matchmaker Sara Eden, please do let us know what you discover! thanks!

ak said...

I hope I'll be able to use them soon if I have the money and not too many other priorities for the month.

Ann said...

Lovely. You know how to write. Love it. The lady was great!