Monday, January 19, 2009

Black Evil Geniuses Jailed for raping and pouring Caustic Soda on their Black Female Victim!

Yes thats where some show their innovation and sharpness of mind; in doing evil.

After gang raping and filming their attack of a 16 year old black girl the monsters tried to get rid of forensic evidence CSI-style by pouring Caustic Soda on her.

She is now disfigured for for life.

And even as she writhed in agony, they poured water on her, intensifying the burning.

But there is more, and as is the usual practice the world over, the morally bankrupt black community did what they are well known for....

Prosecutor Tom Little told the court the community had "closed ranks" in the wake of the attack, hampering the police.

Am I suprised that for this evil they got away with as little as six years imprisonment. I mean what do you expect, when a community doesnt value its girls, do you expect the legal system (read: white legal system) to value them!

Read about the gory details and the shamelessness of the so called black community in britain here Further info on BBC website.

Can anyone remind me again what black men and women were supposed to be building !


Anonymous said...

This crime is just disgusting. I can only imagine the physical and mental damage this woman will have to endure for the rest of her life. They should have at least been charged with attempted murder, 20 years to life.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone remind me again what black men and women were supposed to be building !


Not a damn thing as far as im concerned!

Anonymous said...

Here's another story that's similar *SMDH*

Anonymous said...

Hello Halima,

Good to see you back in action.

This is so similar to the Dunbar Village incident. I was shocked to read that this happened in the UK!

How in the world can this mindset be both in America and the UK??!

I am not understanding at all it is so sick and disgusting.

Sandra77 said...

This is just so sickening. If a bunch of white guys had attacked a black guy like this, there would be marching and rioting in the streets. Or if white men had attacked this black woman like this, there'd be hell to pay. But since it's black on black crime, and particularly since it's black men attacking a black woman, the community "closes ranks". Disgusting and despicable. The victim doesn't matter. But the men who committed these crimes are being protected by the community.

Lexa said...

Oh, scary scary! I'm pretty thick skinned, but I couldn't even go read the main article. My heart really goes out to that young woman.

Felicity said...

I have come to realise that the black community are only interested in black men. Black women are on their own. That is why we have to look out for ourselves, rely on God and get decent men of whatever race and whatever the 'so called black commumnity says. We fix our eyes on God and our husbands that is it!

Anonymous said...

Do we as black women matter to anyone, any where ? This is not only very sad but very scary. But for the sake of the community no one demanded real just for this young woman. I shutter to think what the future holds for Black Women not only in England but here in the states. The community be damned ! I think it's time to leave!

Anonymous said...

Damned savages!

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the hatred for Black females that these vile, disgusting, useless, piece of crap Black males are just bursting with, and also another example how the morally bankrupt, farce, joke that is the Black "community" ONLY cares about Black males.

DAMN THEM BOTH! Sistas, we are on our own, so we must break away from them both!

Taylor-Sara said...

Oh Halima!
I couldn't even finish the article! It's just so horrible. I feel so bad for bw trapped in communities with these animals! I can't even speak I'm so sad and upset. And to let these monsters off with just a few years!!! My God! who is there for black women????

Anonymous said...

Hi Halima

I'm taking very great interest in what you are writing - not least of all because because much of it is untrue! For example, the girl who was brutally raped was white!

I saw and heard her being interviewed on London Tonight and, though her faced was obscured, she was clearly white and sounded white also!

Perhaps the racist BNP should have taken up the story lol


Halima said...

No menelik, she is black, I followed the case closely for almost a year and have my own contacts.

But I find myself feeling bad for even engaging in this line of conversation because should I feel
any less sorry for her if she is white.

....maybe we should celebrate them for sticking it to the man, this was an act of defiance against white supremacy right?


Anonymous said...

Halima, please. White women have PLENTY of people who will run to their rescue when they get hurt/in trouble (Especially their White males, who unlike Black males, actually LOVE the women in their race). So can we just continue to concentrate and focus on helping Black females who TRULY have nobody?

Lena said...

That is why I don't believe in so called black unity. I believe black folks should separate the wheat from the chaff. These young men are scum and they belong in prison and I'm disgusted that the mythical black community hasn't come to the defense of the 16 year old girl. We know if these men did this to a white teenager the wrath of society would be upon them.

Anonymous said...

Even though those monsters were not punished accordingly in this life. They all will all be judged and punished accordingly in the after life. Best believe.

cool_splash1 said...

I'm wondering how she can sound white? What is sounding white?

cool_splash1 said...

White women have PLENTY of people who will run to their rescue when they get hurt/in trouble (Especially their White males, who unlike Black males, actually LOVE the women in their race).

Wow anon that is just pure evil hate. I don't care if ww have plenty of wm to come to their rescue. That is still horrible treatment of a human being.