Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Jade, dont Divorce your Husband!

I was quitely taking note of how folks where ‘advising’ the woman at the centre of the Dr Laura debacle to ‘divorce’ her husband. Wow!

Apparently divorce is a thing you can just do…you know easily. You just skip out of marriage just like playing Hop Scotch or something.

I am still wondering at those black women recommending ‘divorce’. Possibly another indicator of the high number of single black women out there, who clearly do not know what a serious relationship looks like or takes.

I also noted how black men where ‘all up in it’ also calling for the woman to divorce him (of course after branding her a sell-out!). Then again I don’t expect anything else from black men, at least they know how to defend their self-interest. No one could ever accuse black men of ever being confused about how their interest is served in any situation. I mean they can spot it at 1000 paces, an insight that I think was somehow switched off in black women, who dont know they actually do have something called 'self interest' which needs... you know, defending and attending to from time to time!

I wonder how many of those black women would advice a bw whose black husband called her a ‘Nappy headed HO’ to divorce their husbands for such a ‘high insult.’ I am sure they will recommend seeing a pastor or bringing in his uncle or family members to talk to him etc etc, even getting a thug to give him a 'once over', but divorce? I doubt it. Sure the blame game would start if they have no advice, it would the usual, 'Why didnt she know he would turn out that way' etc etc. I mean black women are suppose to have extra sensory perception as standard dont you know! Black women are all precogs, able to fortell the future to such accurate detail as to know the time and date when a slight will be made against their person no matter how young or old. Even preteens have this ability to understand the antics of predatory men twice their age, thats why we blame them when they fall victims to such ('Guuuurl you didnt get precognition, you better go rght back to the manufacturer ASAP'). (sarcasm off).

You see folks want us to believe that we bw who are open to dating white men and others are bending over backwards to accommodate for white men. Dears this is a huge big lie! Bw have bent over double to accommodate for black men and are still doing so now. Nothing that bw are doing currently to date white men even goes half way to compare to how much bw have done to be with bm. Even if bw were to leap from 6 floors into the arms of every white man in the country it still would go no way to even the score. Bw have done everything including demeaning themselves to changing their natural features (weaved up, bleached up etc etc) just so that black men don’t overlook them and folks want you to compare that with saying ‘Hi’ to a white man first. Lol! GTHOHWTBS.

Write this down:

If black people cannot head bw off interracial dating, as they increasingly aren’t able to, they will do the next best thing which is to totally complicate it so the chance of it happening is zilch or the sheer exhaustion will make you run away from it, if that doesn’t work they will ask you to divorce your white husband because he said ‘pass the salt’ without prefacing it with the word please!

This is how it goes folks

  1. Don’t date white men- If that doesn’t succeed then…
  2. Hold out for the kind of white man who doesn’t exist in real life - eg a white man who has never had a racist thought in his life ( in other words ‘white manus unicornus‘)
  3. Or complicate your relationship and put it through all sorts of hassles until it 'dies' from sheer exhaustion
  4. Or divorce him as soon as he says a word out of place.

Indeed I was invited to read a website a few months ago where bw were arguing about what they can and cannot do to get with white guys. Do you know there was a black man all up in there, arguing that black women should hold out and not be easy, and if he saw black women running up behind a white man, he would have a word ra ra ra! You would have thought these women were debating inviting white men to their bedrooms lol! All these women were discussing was wether to say hi or talk to the guy they were attracted to first. And there were all these women agreeing with this black man instead of first asking themselves, 'why is this bloke up in here to start with?' and 'what business does he have in how black women and white men get together?' You see bw don’t ask themselves these most basic questions that even folks with an IQ of 30 can ask and thus understand the underlying motivation of such third parties.

Where the vultures are circling overhead you are likely to see a carcas, and so wherever you see a black man urging black women on, you can take bets that its one more of those ’foot shooting expeditions’ that black women are in the midst of for sure!

I have one sincere prayer and that is that a new generation of bw will be born soon, that don’t have their brain wired back to front, so that all these easy to spot scams, will not continue to be ‘run’ on them with such ease!

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