Sunday, August 01, 2010

Discover Koomson

From her website
I wrote my first novel called There’s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate when I was 13. I used to write a chapter every night then pass it around to my fellow convent school pupils every morning, and they seemed to love it.

I grew up in London and then grew up again in Leeds when I went to university. I eventually returned to London to study for my masters degree and stayed put for the following years. I took up various temping jobs and eventually got my big break writing, editing and subbing for various women’s magazines and national papers.

Fiction and storytelling were still a HUGE passion of mine and I continued to write short stories and novels every spare moment that I got. In 2001 I had the idea for The Cupid Effect and my career as a published novelist began. And it’s been fantastic. In 2006, third novel, My Best Friend’s Girl was published. It was incredibly successful – selling nearly 90,000 copies within its first few weeks on sale. Six weeks later, it was selected for the Richard & Judy Summer Reads Book Club and the book went on to sell over 500,000 copies. Oh, there I go again, this is meant to be about me, not my novels.

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vonnie said...

oh! i'll have to check out her books, thanks for the spotlight on her. My book that I am writing has an interracial main couple, so it will be cool to see how she goes about writing her story.

Anonymous said...

will check out her book's look's very good to read.

caridad said...

I've read My Best Friend's read ever, loved it.

Femmefab said...

She is an excellent writter. I read My Best Friends Girl nd Marshmellows for Breakfast, both really great read, but not a traditional hea(happily ever after), but her writting is so good I didn't mind.

Binta said...

Great, I just ordered 3 of her books on amazon. I can't wait for them to arrive.