Monday, August 15, 2011

Riot City

Thanks to those who emailed to find out if I was alright during the recent London riots that of course spread to other areas of the country.

You all saw the shocking images. It was undeniable that a majority of rioters were black, in fact what many will not realize is that most of the areas that the riots erupted where predominately black areas.

The TV historian David Starkey came under fire for his recent comments saying that there is an element of black culture poisoning British youth making them nihilistic and lack and investment in their societies leading to such and other outbreaks of violence. See controversy

Of course he could have expressed himself more clearly (ofI believe his emotions were running high because of all the destruction and devastation that had happened), but I am not going to crucify him for bravely coming out with the perspective that we need to look into seriously, especially in light of these recent events, and that is evaluating the culture being adopted by black youth that makes them fail at making a go at modern society.

Funny enough many of the black folk here are saying something similar to Mr Starkey, but since the public debate space is dominated by ‘left’ notions of valid argument/speech and because black folk are not expected to partake in social discourse as adults (taking some blame as adults are happy to do), but only as indulged children and excused wards of the state, this will of course be totally ignored and made out to be a white racist perspective only!

Let me make this plain.
Black people are not meeting the challenge of 21st century western societies. Black men are downright failing but black women are not to far behind in not meeting the challenges as well, clearly observable in their clinging to outdated, unbeneficial and downright self defeating ways of being.

So why the riots?
Well for one, the black sectors of society have refused to grow up politically and otherwise but are interested only in being on the receiver end of a giver-taker relationship that seems to be the endorsed dynamic for black and white by the left leaning political faction.

Sure a man was shot by police but aside from calling for a independent investigation and waiting for that report and then challenging it or essentially taking it from there, I wonder what else could have been done. Even the so called peaceful protest staged by the community for the death of a young black man (protests which were eventually hijacked by the criminal elements intent on getting in their early Christmas shopping), was all very strange, given that there had been no official report out about what happened with the police and the shooting of the black man Mark Duggan to form the basis of a protest. Unless we were saying of course that under no circumstance should a black man be shot I mean even if he himself was armed etc.
No one knows if he was shot by police unlawfully or not so why the ’peaceful’ demonstration. Indeed he could have been unlawfully killed and the family would have been justified in any protest or campaign but nothing official had been released at the time of the peaceful process. A number of white men have been shot in the past three to four years under strange circumstances and I am yet to see ‘peaceful’ demonstrations esepcially before any official/independent report is released. I recall there was a huge demostration when a South American man was shot during the time of the London bombings but that was when it was made clear (almost immediately) that he was not a terrorist carrying a bomb (he was fleeing the police and ran straight into the station and unto a train!).
I am owed coupled by I am victim, coupled by a disconnect from wider social values, social systems especially due to family break down etc is a very dangerous mix. We have seen where it can lead to in the last couple of days!
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Evia said...

Halima, I'm SO happy to hear that you are alright!!I NEVER read the news and I barely ever watch TV. I briefly caught a glimpse of something online about some rioting there but had no idea it was on that scale!

I have to say it was inevitable. I predict it will continue to happen there and here because so many black people are MAGICAL THINKERS. It will start here soon.

That scene there sounds eerily identical to what our departed writer sister, Octavia Butler described in an ESSENCE interview as the precursor to the situation in her "Parable of the Sower" novel series where she predicted a total breakdown in our societies. All of the sane people will live in gated communities and are armed and ready to shoot to kill, which they have to do whenever they go outside the gate since vicious,hungry scavengers run amok attacking anyone and everyone. Scavengers are shot if they approach sane people because it has turned into a kill or be killed society.

When I read that interview, it chilled me because I could see it coming so clearly! Now, it's here because we're only a thread away from that everyday here. The economy is in the tank and nothing is going to revive it enough. They're just 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'. And Obama wants to be re-elected????

This is why we've been urging black women to get away from the black hordes NOW! NOBODY is going to be fighting to keep bw safe!

This situation is much more dire than most people think.

Some people will say I'm an alarmist, but as my grandmom used to say, "it's better to be safe than sorry."

Blacks had better KNOW that the bulk of whites are looking at that situation there! Nothing has worked with a certain element of black folks because those of us with COMMON SENSE are greatly outnumbered and are beaten back by the insane ones if and when we point out the obvious.

It's sad to say that there is only 1 way this is all going to end.

Anonymous said...


First I am glad that you are ok.

Second I had no idea that they were black. Lord Have Mercy. A small voice in the back of my mind was praying that this was not black folks.

Khadija talked about the peace walls. She definitely had some amazing insight.

I have to double down on my efforts.

E.A. said...

This makes me so scared for the immediate future...I wonder if there is even enough time for those of us just getting the message today to grab a piece of life board, FAST. My affairs are in so much disarray, I'm scrambling to fix things up but I still worry :-s

Felicia said...


I'm also SO happy you weren't harmed!

Like Evia said, the writings has been on the wall for some time and now the stuff is hitting the fan in the United Kingdom AND the United States.

These sociopathic feral damaged beyond repair black males are becoming an increasingly serious problem here in the U.S.

Their sickness is crossing over into the white community now and a backlash WILL be coming. Personally I can't believe this Flash Mob madness has been allowed to continue for as long as it has without more of a crackdown.

And white folks (and other non black folks) ARE going
to ( according to their line of thinking ) fight back with their vote as well.

I'm sure gun ownership is going to increase and it's going to be JUST like that Octavia Butler book Evia mentioned.

With this bad economy it's going to get even UGLIER out there so BW who claim to have working brains best get out NOW ASAP and join the mainstream because their very lives may depend on it.

Like I said, a crackdown WILL eventually come and there will probably be NO warning before hand. Plus, when this crackdown does happens, there will be NO sympathy from those outside the defunct "bc" because folks are FED UP. The majority of white folks - and heaven knows other non blacks- aren't going to be shamed or made to feel guilty because of the sickness of violent DBRBM and insane self-hating BW who defend DBRBM. Other folks are THROUGH.

BW who don't get out soon are going to be STUCK with those violent mutants and it won't be pretty...

( Below is a must watch video. Every bit of it. )

Mayor Nutter addressed the congregation at Mount Carmel Baptist Church about the recent violence involving flash mobs in Philadelphia. Watch his speech below.

Philadelphia mayor talks tough to black teenagers after ‘flash mobs’

Flash mob attacks: Rising concern over black teen involvement

Teen Arrested In Wisc. Flash Mob Attack; City Blames Black Families

Felicia said...

From Halima's previous essay. It is totally related to the current topic...


My Advice to black women who want to get their lives on track and fast!


Halima, thank you for posting this.
Reading this entry brought tears to my eyes. I am not crying for myself I am crying for those black women who do not see what it is staring them in the face. In light of the recent events in London and the rest of the UK, your message needs to be heard loud and clear. I believe that Khadija and Evia mentioned this on their blogs and it needs to be repeated. Black women must move to areas where there is police protection and also community protection especially by men (see the enfield army and the southhall sikhs). I chose the wrong day to stay at my friend's house in east london. Her area was hit by the rioters and the emergency services took forever to come to our rescue. The general feeling about this is that the emergency services were too scared. The men of Southall and Enfield decided to take matters into their own hands and protect their towns. There was no male protection for women in Peckham, Lewisham, Hackney, Tottenham, Croydon, Ealing and Clapham. The men who did not participate in the rioting were too scared to stand up for their local communities. It was a very shocking time but made me realise that I made the right decision to move the heck out of those areas. It is worth noting that these areas have a massive black population and the black communities appear to be influenced by AA communities and treat their women the same way. There is a video on Youtube of an old west indian lady standing up to the rioters in Hackney. She is standing infront of a fire all alone without any male protection.
Black women this is a reality but it does not have to be your reality. It is better to be stuck up and safe than to be worn out, injured or dead fighting for a lost cause.

Aimee said...

Thank God you are well Halima! I have to say though, I am not surprised that you had already done what you had to do before now to make sure that when the inevitable occurred--and WE all knew that this, and more, was inevitable--that you wouldn't be in the line of fire. I hope increasing numbers of young BW reading your blog learn from your example.

I saw Mr. Starkey's comments, and I only had one problem with them, which is something that has been kicking around in my head for awhile. As we all can see, Western society as a whole, across the board, is in serious crisis and facing serious dysfunction. Maybe it is the leftist in me (**grin**), but I always understood conservatives to be advocates of personal responsibility. I am all for hunting down all of those who participate in riots, "flash mobs," or any other version of violence or criminality and meting out the punishment and control that civilized people insist on. However, Mr. Starkey, when those people are black, point out where the failures in their communities have led to their sick behavior. And when those people are white, Asian, Hispanic, etc., then you need to do the same, not just claim that they're learning it from the blacks. The global breakdown that we are seeing in the West has certainly manifested in the black community within Western societes for a good, long while. But it has manifested in good parts of the white community as well, and smart BW would be just as well served to avoid those dysfunctional enclaves. When those peace walls come, please know that the elites are NOT just going to toss them up around the 'hood. Don't get trapped with some people who've convinced themselves that a lack of melanin has inoculated them from conducting themselves like civilized beings or from close self-examination. Mr. Starkey, if you see white youth adopting "black" behaviors, have you asked yourself why? If I were a white parent, I would be asking myself why very quickly, before I ended up with a DBRW child. I hope there are plenty of parents, black and white, in Britain, Norway, Philadelphia, and throughout the Western world, asking themselves what's going wrong.

Halima said...

exactly jodachrome and felicia, while the black men and their white emulators where so happy to burn down their neighbourhoods and the houses and businesses of their freinds and relationsions, their actions so contrasted with the actions of the Asians who came out and stood between the rioters and the homes and busineesses of their communities in brimingham. sadly three young men where killed by the hoodlums and I will not be suprised if Asians in birmingham take revenge!

Anonymous said...

Halima, I'm so glad that you are safe. I belong to an online group of black people in Asia, (as I currently live in Korea.) The group has been covering the London riots, and can you believe that most of the BW and agree with the rioters? They say it's time for a revolution? Don't they realize how bad that makes us Black people look to the world? The Koreans already hate us, I'm concerned that the images from UK will make things extra bad here. Also there is a BM held in prison in Korea for dubious charges, the BW in the group are fighting for him. The women are writing petitions and going to court for him. So bizarre that men aren't doing this fighting work. The whole case was weird, the man's mother and sister were protecting him in court. In a male dominated culture like Korea..that is the height of folly.
Anyway, all this to say that the dysfunction is ALL over the globe.

Nysee said...

Dear Halima,
I am glad you are ok. Well you have warned us and the expose is in full force. BW,GET OUT NOW.
Evia, Khadija, you and countless others has sound the trumpet.
I'm in Chicago and when the flash mobs were on Lakeshore drive which is an affluetn area,they dealt with them ASAP. BW, escape now. Get those 2 jobs and leave because it will get worse. I was on the South side of Chicago where an incident took place and took the poloce around 2 or more hours to get to the scene. BTW, they were only 5 minutes from the scene.
BW, the handwriting is on the wall , please posotion yourself accordingly.

Anonymous said...

So much for the intelligent Africans.

yes, i said it.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, the guy that was shot was half white.

Anonymous said...

It is worth noting that these areas have a massive black population and the black communities appear to be influenced by AA communities and 0treat their women the same way.

Do not blame other black peoples' bad behavior on AA people. Other black people have their own way of screwing up. Take responsiblity for your own mess.

Halima said...

I actually agree with Aimee that there has been a fusion of 'rap' culture and british gang culture to produce the deadly stuff here. its undenaible when you look at the clothes and the music.

Anonymous said...

Hailma I did not know that you live in London, I am glad that you are safe. The archdruid report is a good source of information for preparing for the future, this blog explain and teaches the individual how to survied.

ak said...

I live in Lewisham but when the riots where going I was at work and then went straight to my college as usual. I can't wait to finally get my degree in Accounting and take the exams for the full and chartered qualifications to practice accounting so that I can forever move out and stay out of areas where only the crap happens!

I want to invest in real estate too for money to fall back on.

I'm surprised looting and brak-ins in Lewisham and in Catford weren't worse than they were but anyway they broke into stores in thiose areas for sneakers/trainers and into one of the chain store brands called Argos which provide a variety of different items as long as you can find them in their catalogs. And they broke into a McDonald's and set two cars on fire.

I spent a big chunk of my life in the US, almost 20 years, so I don't at all feel happy or 'superior' when I hear of horrible things happening in the AA community in the US. I hate hearing about the flash mob situation over there and seeing young AAs participating in it. When I lived in the US I was quite young and people automatically saw me as an AA anyway, which never offended me or anything stupid like that. So why would I feel anti-AA? After AAs of past generations had done so much after becoming freed slaves and later during the lynchings of the Jim Crow era, flash mob sociopathic madness sounds like a travesty also and they and the riots in the UK all sound like 'Mad Max' a lot! Only without white Australians and Mel Gibson!

To the last Anonymous, no one is saying that it's 'all AAs fault' regarding black Brits or that AAs purposefully 'influenced' black Brits, and I'm certainly not saying that. It seems to me that while I was living in the US for so long, blacks back in the UK, usually the younger ones, chose actively to emulate the negative dysfunctional images from the AA community such as the increasingly DBR hip hop industry instead of the positive images and examples from (yes I know it's fictional) The Cosby Show, Oprah, Mae Jemison, Shirley Chisholm, etc.

Of course only black British people can make that choice and it's all up to them, I'm not saying any different at least. I don't know why they chose the former, not the latter but their parents should have nipped this in the bud and hard like I can imagine some of the West Indian or African immigrant parents more than likely would have done back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

As for Koreans and many non-black others, I'm glad that I actively choose not to line their pockets, not even in the UK! said...

The riots are much more complex, my daughter has spent a week in the courts, most of the people who were in the courts, all had one thing in common, alcholic and drug problems, many of them were in their last 30s to their 40s up to 67 years, in black dominated areas the riots were young black men, in white dominated areas, the rioters were young, also in their 30s, 40s, 50s and many were working.

It is true that there is a gang culture, but many were greedy and selfish. They rioted because they wanted to, a surveyor said in court, he didn't want to go into custody, because he had a meeting in the morning. We live in a blame culture, we blame the police not giving us respect, we blame the cuts, the government, black people, white people, and when do we take responsibility for our actions.

Matthew said...

Apparently most of those arrested allready have previous convictions/live off benefits, but others are as young as ten, its shamefull.

I remmber just after the three asain men died, the papers immediately published it as a "racial murder" without any good evidence of the motive, that kind of crap just stirs things up unnecessarily.

On a lighter note here in Manchester there has been more volunteers to help clean up after the riots than there was rioters, so thats nice.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if my reply will be allowed, but I saw the clip you linked to and what that man said was that the white youngsters or chavs as he labeled them were black because of their criminal behavior.

In other words a fair understanding of that man's words ate that when chavs break the law it's because they are black.

That is a deeply racist thinking. That man has no point that I can see. His thinking is so clouded that in his mind chavs who break the law are black because he associate having brown skin with being a criminal.

Also to your larger point about nobody criticizing black people for their criminal acts or their messed up culture is very questionable at least in the US. The whole discussion surrounding black people in America is that something is wrong with the black race.

This idea of the black race being broken and dysfunctional is the underlying premise of nearly every public discussion about black people.

Halima said...

anonymous said
I don't know if my reply will be allowed, but I saw the clip you linked to and what that man said was that the white youngsters or chavs as he labeled them were black because of their criminal behavior.

Starkey was making a point that went awry i admit, either because of emotion or he wasnt allowed to develop the thought but there was a kernel of truth to what he said.

It might not be PC but a lot of young white kids are gravitating to gangster culture which expresses its own distinct lack of investment, perpetual victimhood and oppression by the system.

white lower classes have their own expressions of anti society and anti authority sentiments no doubt, so i am not saying bad=black, good=white, however since this started as a 'black' outrage thing and also in mostly black dominated areas i think we cannot overlook the part black culture plays.

I also believe that because black young men have been allowed to get away with being non-participatory in society (being readily excused and pandered to by their mothers and community and white liberals) for far too long, their stance is actually envied by young white males who would prefer to be similarly 'unaccountable'.

This idea of the black race being broken and dysfunctional is the underlying premise of nearly every public discussion about black people.

If at this point you dont see that black culture is in trouble then could i suggest that maybe you are the one being dishonest about the situation!

Anonymous said...

The point that man made was explicitly that black=bad and criminal and white people or chavs as he calls them act bad so they are black. That is a fundamentally racist position to take.

In terms of gangster culture, as human beings we have to be very careful not to see "patterns" that don't really exist.

Racial labels are an example of seeing a pattern that isn't real. A nation groups and treats members of that society differently and then when that society inevitably sees differences in group outcomes, it is a feed back loop that justifies the racial labels and different group treatment in the first place.

Race is not real. Race has nothing to do with human behavior. Societies and individuals use race to form racial explanations to justify existing prejudices and the existing social order.
What racial explanations do is take behavior exhibited by British teenagers of many ethnic backgrounds and says it's the black teens and their gangster culture's fault.

Instead of the truth which is that behavior that was partaken by British teens of many ethnic back grounds and is therefore indicative of British societal issues.

In terms of black culture, culture is merely a function of the environment.
Therefore any group differences in culture are the after effect of environmental differences.

Therefore group cultural differences that occur in the same nation are the direct result of differing environmental exposure of groups of people in that nation.

In other words, any group cultural differences are not racial. So in discussing black culture or any culture. I talk about the environment and how that environment shaped a culture, not race. Race is not real.

Halima said...

The point that man made was explicitly that black=bad and criminal and white people or chavs as he calls them act bad so they are black. That is a fundamentally racist position to take.

anonymous i am not interested in a back and forth with you but let me round off my point by saying that Mr Starkey said that a section of the chavs had become black in their attitude and nihilistic gangsetr bent. I kind of agree with this assesment. not all but a lot of working class white kids are adopting black cultural manerisms esepcially in their 'beef' with the overall social system, even the girls and it has been going on for ages now.

Many folk see blacks as the true dissafected and discriminated against so its no suprise that they mimic and adopt elements of black culture to express their own angst against the overall social system. They tend to gravitate towards expressing their own issues in thre manner they see from those they deem real and 'authentic' in their social disadvantage whether this is conscious or unconscious.

white folk eager to express themselves in known black fashion is nothing new here; amy winehouse, Joss stone, lady soverign, plan B, the professor, Paolo nutini, UB forty are all british creations.

Race is not real. Race has nothing to do with human behavior. Societies and individuals use race to form racial explanations to justify existing prejudices and the existing social order.
What racial explanations do is take behavior exhibited by British teenagers of many ethnic backgrounds and says it's the black teens and their gangster culture's fault.

This is the kind of nothing means anything discourse that the obscurantists and 'lets not make any conclussions about anything' folks love! Sure race doesnt mean anything on a biological level however it can and does mean something on a social, cultural, attitudinal etc level. You want to tell me that those black folk who came out didnt attach any racial significance to their actions? They did, a whole bunch of them felt the system was against a black man.

Prevelant attitudes and beliefs within a group identified by race, but not only, can result in the prevelance of a behaviour/activity among people of that community.

But hey lets not even consider that black folk rightly or wrongly see themselves as victims in a white dominated social order and lets not consider what this kind of view unleashes in terms of their attitudes and behaviour in that society.

Jamdown said...

During the recent UK riots, it would have been nice to see some Black men standing up to the rioters -- just like some Asians/Turkish businessmen were seen protecting their communities.

Where were the good Black men?

But Halima, I have to say that claiming that White rioters were Black is kind of cute given that White men riot all the time.

What about White men who riot when their teams win/lose?

Yes, I agree completely that the BC is highly dysfunctional, but I am not willing to say that when Whites behave badly that means they were influenced by Blacks or are trying to be Black.

But I did find it very embarrassing that although Blacks make up 1% of the UK population, they made up a sizable percent of the rioters. Not a good look.

Trenia said...

I completely agree that black women need to flee violent communities and get themselves to safety first, but one thing is for sure, the violence will continue to spread and nobody will be safe if something isn't done about it. This is not just a black thing, this is a class thing, and poor people are pissed off.

The reality is these were thugs who burned down their own communities, but they are the same thugs that are in the White House and Parliment, creating wars for profit and raping people's land for their own benefit. As the gap widens between rich and poor, things will continue to get worse, especially as more middle class people start to lose jobs.

This is not a call to arms for black women to fight, but it is a call for wealthy communities to think differently about what's happening and to figure out a plan. I don't have the answers, but not talking and not engaging the youth about what their needs are is not the way to go.

Estee said...

I'm living in Korea. Yesterday, there was an incident with a black man yelling at and figthting an old person on the bus. The Korean media is going nuts with it. They are calling it a "black riot!" When it was just 1 idiot. Things are going to get harder for the black English teachers here. I'm glad I'm leaving in 2 days. These idiots need to realize that acting crazy is not the answer to what ever perceived slight.