Friday, December 30, 2011

And Finally and e-book for white male readers!

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    and presenting:

New e-Book Available on Amazon Kindle January 2012

Yes its here finally here, and I am excited that finally after all these years of working on it, I am able to offer my white male readers an e-book written especially with white men in mind! I have give it a comedic title because that is me and I also want to give a lighthearted feel to an issue that often tends to be 'heavy'.


"Do Black Women with Afros date White Guys?"

About the Book

Are you a white man who is beginning to think about what it could mean to date a black woman?
Or, have you had a puzzling experience with a black woman or two and would like some idea of their views on white guys? Do you want to get clued up in general about their feelings on race, on relationships and even on interracting interracially? Could you do with a bit more understanding of black women by exploring key social realities for them as a group and the social expectations placed upon them by their communities and by the wider society?

If the answer to any of these is yes, then this book will get you off to a good start!

The aim of this book is to lay a knowledge foundation that will assist genuine white men in a better understanding of the black women they interact with socially, and the many reactions they might encounter, so they can forge succesful relationships and friendships with black women.

Written in an easy question and answer format, the book is also interspaced with full chapters dealing with issues like; why black women and white men appear disinterested in each other, how to get connected, the background on the current fraught relationship situation between black men and women, how third parties affect interracial dating, racism and working through your own issues around race.

About the author

Halima Anderson started a mini revolution with her 2005 book, "Supposing I wanted to date a white guy…?", and has taken her place among the pioneers of the movement to encourage black women into optimum lifestyles through a newer form of activism called Black Women Empowerment (BWE). This book comes out of over a decade of writing and commenting on interracial dating, on race and on black women’s issues.

After many years of receiving comments, questions and letters from her white male readers, she decided that it was time to give them their own book and if you like, the white man’s companion book to "Supposing I wanted to date a White Guy…?" (which was written from the perspective of black women).

The result is, "Do Black Women with Afros date White Guys?" which answers questions compiled from correspondence and from the many discussions with her white male readers since the publication of her first book in 2005.

"Do Black Women with Afros date White Guys?" will definitely fill in the gaps and answer the questions which her white male readers had after her first book, but it also deals with the fundamental questions any white man would be inetersted in knowing about black women and interracial dating.
Wondering about Interracial dating?

You will find answers in this e-book which gives a clear insight into the relationship reality facing black women today, including her interracial dating option. Get yourself clued up!

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Anonymous said...

oh,my! can't wait for this to come out.will let many of my friend's know about this book. :)

great job, Halima Anderson!!
for all the work you're doing too help bw/wm love,love,love!! this blog.