Saturday, December 17, 2011


'you racist!'.....'stop blaming me!'....'women first'......'what about me?'

'Well folks, I think we've worked ourselves out a pretty good deal here, dont you think?'
'splendid solution'.....'looks good to me'

Wondering about Interracial dating?

I have written an e-book that gives a comprehensive insight into the relationship reality facing black women today, including her Interracial Dating Option. Get yourself clued up!

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Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words . . .

Bobby said...

Love it,

Evil white man again.

Sometimes a rainbeau sometimes a devil.

It really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about bw.

Brenda55 said...

Interesting. Look who is at to bottom. Surprise, surprise.

Why did she end up there?
The woman on the ground has a problem. She is at a three to one disadvantage.

Why is the one who is supposed to be for her instead on her back?

What is even more interesting look is who is assisting in holding the woman down?

Who has to most to gain in this situation? The man on her back or the two people holding her arms down?

Why is the man on her back allowing this?
Does he gain from this alliance?
Is that the only way the man can stay on her back?

How dependable are those assistants?
What happens when those assistants are not there and the woman's arms are free?
How stable is that man on her back then?

What happens when the assistants decide they have nothing to gain and instead of standing on the woman's arms step off, one and then the other?
What happenes to the man on her back now that her arms are free?

Between the men who has the most stable footing and can push the other off balance? Is it the one who's feet are firmly planted on the ground or the one on the woman's back?

Food for thought.
Kind of makes that woman on the ground wonder just who her friends and allies really are.

When circumstances change or someone shows up to help does she take advantage of the new circumstances?

Does she accept the help even though the person may not be her kind?

What does she think about that man who was on her back?

What does she think of the assistants?

Who held her down the most?
Who's betrayal was worse?

When it come to her own self interest, what yard stick does she uses to measure a supporter or a detractor?

bobby said...

oh christ,

so much hating on me,

decades and decades of hating on me

oh christ i am such a sexist such a racist whatever other shit, i am it.


this old dog has survived

so i am bad,bad bad

i thought i was probably a good enough person

but if i am bad, bad, bad


so be it

bobby said...

and furthermore,

my skin has grown course with all the shit thrown at me

but somehow i am suppose to keep feeling sorry for all these tiresome fucking people? really???

Anonymous said...

Oh,my, god!!! if those picture don't say it all then i don't know what will!!!!!

Brenda55 said...

Well heck bobby if you feel this is all about you then I guess it is. You know best. Publicly owning one's faults is the first step to getting your mind right. Good luck on your journey.

Bobby said...

From Brenda,

Well heck bobby if you feel this is all about you then I guess it is. You know best. Publicly owning one's faults is the first step to getting your mind right. Good luck on your journey.

Hey brenda, when white men eventually give a big yawn to all this tiresome, never ending complaining in the world; good luck.

My lifetime has been punctuated with an exclamation mark by all this old shit.

I´m done. I suspect most white guys are also about done. It is not natural for one to receive so much complaining and/or care so much. Complaining just naturally and normally gets devalued with the years. All this concern about all these never ending fucking tiring problems has fatigued me. Most white guys have enough problems in their lives to attend to. You need to fix your own damn house; I will worry about mine, thank you; you worry about yours. I don´t take you my shit, don´t bring me yours.

The list is long for complainers to white men to worry about their own shit. And my ¨sympathy fatigue¨ grows by the day.

So all you goddamn complainers,


Dee Dee said...


Bobby said...

I know enough about black women to know that their sista soldiering at least involves a good amount of stepping on white men.

At times they get together with white women to step on white men.

When they aren´t trying to step on ¨the man¨ themselves

In your solipsist bwe world, all that doesn´t register much.

Halima said...

I dont usually let posts through containing swear words like the F word but i wanted to let through bobbys comments to show you how folk go ape shite crazy when bw begin to notice whats up and rightly identify how the world is treating them!

SS said...

It does not matter if Bobby is black or white, black women will not be silenced. Our blood, sweat and tears have been used by both parties, but today, we are looking out for our own interests. Handle your business ladies.

Joyful said...

Boy, look how upset people get when you tell the truth. The people who get most upset are the people with the most to gain from the situation as it is... so we know for sure that "Bobby" is a black man. Note the "whoa is me, I'm so oppressed" tomfoolery. Nice try, dude. Nobody here is buying it. Try peddling that feces to white women please.The women here are too busy living full, amazing, happy prosperous lives with our non-DBR men that we just can't get emotionally invested in your foolishness.

Brenda, kudos to you for your response. You had me literally howling with laughter at your pithy and on point response to "Bobby"!

The best revenge is living well :D

Anonymous said...

To all blog poster's bobby said, is a blackman who is pretending to be a whiteman so bw beware of the trolls who are posting as whitemens!!!

Anonymous said...

Great response to the photo Brenda!!!

And as others have said - thanks for the on spot response to that TrollBobby!!


Neecy said...

You guys please stop! Bob is not a BLACK MAN. I know b/c he posted on my blog and lamented about the same things - even said "fuck you" to one of Black female commenters and friends regardin this same racial issue in which he was going off about the same things.

i don't know why Black women find it so hard to believe that there are White men with issues as well.

You guys are in for a world of trouble out there if you always think its Black men saying negative things and stuff about Black women.

BOB IS WHITE! Stop being in denial.

Anonymous said...

Neecy, get over youself, okay! everybody comes with their own in life no matter what your race is it's just that there is more good non-blkmen outthere then in the BC!

you said...
You guys are in for a world of trouble out there if you always think its Black men saying negative things and stuff about Black women.
Neecy, really?! you think bw don't know their r evil ppl in this world? you think bw can't see that there are racist ppl all over the world including blk-mens?! being a bw, i think bw are very smart about alot of thing then they are given credit for bw know that there are evil wm!,evil ww! and evil BM'S!! but the truth of the matter is there are more non-bm that r good loving caring men and bw need to pick better mates thats all it's all about love for the BW!!!

BOB IS WHITE! Stop being in denial.

and if he is so what. he's just one loosing A** WM OUT OF MILLIONS, SO COME ON your gonna let one wm stop u from dating other good wm's! so who's really being in denial here???? or better yet who's trying to pull bw back from finding love.huh!

Anonymous said...

Thank you THank you Thank You Anonymous @10:45!!!

Thank you for setting "Neecy" straight.

The very idea that this special denomination of bw would -first- come to a BWE blog is beyond me...based on her IMMEDIATE lock step defense of bw being treated rudely. -second- the very idea that she would try to engage in "gaslighting" that very thing that is often often often examined in all various ways at BWE blogs is nothing short of shameful.

And -third- thank you again for pointing out one of the more important points with this comment;

"...and if he is so what. he's just one loosing A** WM OUT OF MILLIONS, SO COME ON your gonna let one wm stop u from dating other good wm's! so who's really being in denial here???? or better yet who's trying to pull bw back from finding love.huh!

You picked the key issue out here - the very idea that this special denomination of a bw would try to encourage another bw/group of bw from entering the global stage and move on...just like the authors have been speaking about for a number of years. There really are bw out there who are scared to death of seeing another group of bw moving on..and up!!

ss said...

I agree with everything you have said.
It would be foolish to think that you will not have to deal with white male racists.
Yes, it is in a black woman's interest to engage the world outside the black community but let’s not forget reality. Black women have to put her interests first at all times. We have to be shrewd at all times. If anything we may need specific discussions to handle the white racists. Let’s not hold our head in the sand.
It would be foolish to paint every black male as bad and every white male as an ally. Vetting is essential at all times.

Anonymous said...

Well damn don't know if Bobby666 is white or not but it's possible.

DBR's come in all colors.

Thanks for these pictures they give us all a lot to think about.Brenda55 nailed it.I've been thinking about all the questions she posed.I'll probably answer some of them later.

One question that I don't think she asked is given that all three of those people are standing on the lady, who is more worthy of being forgiven out of the 3?

It would be more beneficial for the black woman to let "bygones be bygones" with and call a truce with which of the three?

Or should she seek revenge on all of them?If so,what would it take for her to actually get justice for what they did?What strategies could she use against them that would work in her favor?

Truth P.

Toni said...

The race (and sex) of the troll is irrelevant; a DBR is a DBR is a DBR, and such a person is poison.

The point are the pictures, and the pictures are the truth, regardless of who is uncomfortable with it. What's most important is that BW who find themselves in that position get everyone the hell off of their back and start doing right by themselves.

Neecy said...


EXACTLY! I used to post on the BWE forums but i got tired of the desperation and insane Black women who were always making excuses for WM for the same things they bitch and moan about regarding to BM.

The fact is there are some very damaged BW out here who think crossing the color lines will solve their problems.

For the record I DO NOT DATE BLACK MEN AND HAVE NO DESIRE TO. I am very much PRO IR. However, i feel not very many BW are equipped emotionally, mentally or physically to handle an IR in the proper healthy manner.

many of you all need to fix what is within FIRST before you go journeying across the color lines.

The fact that the women on here IMMEDIATLEY assumed Bob was a Black man (after he has numerous times said he was White) says that many of you are so stuck on proving that no WM could ever possibly say or do anything wrong towards a Black woman.

And the fact that AFTER I even came here to prove he was not some Black male troll but a lunatic White guy with MAJOR issues who did the same thing on my blog to another Black women regarding the same issues, and the first thing you male identified desperados would say to another Black women is *I* am the one with the problem?

HA! No wonder BW can't get anywhere. you'd rather stick up for a group of men or man who hasn't really done shit for any of you and jump on a BW who was trying to warn your sorry behinds?

i feel sorry for so many Black women.

Black women are so damn male identified. They'd throw another Black woman under the bus just to save a MAN. SAD! When will Black women stop placing every damn body on a pedestal (especially men) and start placing themselves as women FIRST on a pedestal?

We went from putting BM on a pedestal to now putting Wm there.


i am not even going to address the ANON posters who responded to me and their nonsense.

Take care SS and thank you for keeping the common sense in this thread.

Anonymous said...

Neecy shut it down. But it will fall on deaf ears. Unfortunate.

"Black women are so damn male identified" - Great observation.

arthur said...

It sounds like a wm to me, but an angry, immature and fearful one.

Those pictures showed a lot of interaction between w&b/m&w but he saw only the single part that seemed to him to be an unfair attack on wm.

In any event, your basic normal wm would not come to a bwe site like this and whine about being treated unfairly.

Neecy said...


You are right. I have quite a few White men who post at my blOg and they are awesome!I actually prefer wm over black so I am not saying all wm are like bob here, but it just irks me that the first conclusion the black women here would jump to is that bob is or can't be White b/c it's not "possible" for a wm up have issues like bob. Especially when what he's saying is that he's white;

Jamila said...

Whether Bobby is black or white is not the issue. People get on the internet and troll sites all the time. "Bobby" was just trolling my site too. Maybe he's black, maybe he isn't; I DO however know for a fact that a certain black male who hangs around BWE blogs has said that he trolls our blogs creating various identities for himself.

This is the internet for chrissakes! People concoct all types of identities for themselves.I don't know whether Bobby is black or white so it's not worth arguing over. What I do know, and what we all know, beyond a shadow of a doubt is this person is a TROLL. You get them on all blogs every so often.

The most important thing for us to take away from this post is that bw has to look out for their own interest at all times and to give no one a free pass based on their skin color--whether that color is dark, light brown, or pale pink.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Bobby is a WM. This blog is about empowering BLACK WOMEN to better themselves and vet for better mates. Yes there are a lot of WM that do not care for black women or even hate them. That shouldn't even be our focus, IMO. Our focus shouldn't even be on black men who don't care for or hate black women. 2012 should be about the black woman putting herself first and foremost, bettering herself and focusing on the men who are worthy of her.

Anonymous said...

Ppl let's keep the focus on bw! this all about bw and thier need's there are plenty of bobbys out there in every color hating on bw so let just come together and do whats right for BW! there will always BE BOBBYS OUT THERE TRYING TAKE DOWN THE BW, WHETHER HIS a BLK-MEN OR WM!! let's not let one stupid coward knock us off focus here, OKAY! and there r lots of bms pretending to be wm leveing all kinds of comments about bw and, i'm sure there is wm doing the same but for differnt reason's to all bw know whos for u and who's against u thats all u need to understand here.

Love in all colors said...

WOW!! and look who's the main EVIL dooer on the blackWOMAN!back the EVIL blackman.Hmmm!and who should the bw really be watching out for?! well how about the one in the middle.