Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drink your Red cockTail Now!

Drink it!
F&*5% drink this  Red cocktail now! Its good for you!


Out of Darkness said...

If I'm correct Halima, you are hinting to the New Red Tails movie........Ok, hers the thing rightLOL, I'm on the fence about this one.
From the reactions I've seen online its exploding into a huge mess. Some black women are protesting that the black women who supported these airmen their mothers, sisters and wives should have been represented esspecially if black women are going to be encouraged to come pay to see the movie......... on the other hand black women are getting the old " you don't want to go because a white woman is dating a black men in the movie and your just bitter". Either way its a sticky situation.
You want to support what supports you and boosts your image black mens interracial choice ( or at least appearing to) won't be doing well for our image either. Its like a catch 22.

foreverloyal said...

It took me a minute to get this.

arthur said...

Hmph. I was going to take my grand daughter .. she wants to go to the AF academy and be a pilot. Would have thought Lucas's long-time lady (Melody Hobson) might have passed him a clue. :(

Anonymous said...

I for one will NOT be partaking in the Red Tail drink that is being hocked for us BW.

Am I to believe a batallion of Black men who are patriotic and being potrayed in a "normal" way DID NOT have black wives and girlfriends???????!?!

Am I supposed to believe that I am not worthy of being potrayed as a desireable female for a Red Tail not my picture supposed to be pulled out of his wallet and gazed at as the camera pans in on his eyes filled with loving memories of love and longing, as he takes to the fight for his country and for my love???

Is my chocolate brown skin not to be looked at lovingly...Did the two black men who wrote this film not have memories of full lips like mine to kiss, my almond shaped eyes to look into? Did these men not have Black sisters, cousins, wives, girlfriends..Did these two black men not consider us worthy of protection and love?

No??? Oh it's the Italian woman love interest that ONLY inspires Red Tails????!?!? Oh that is what I am supposed to go and support?

Think again Hollywood, think again the two Black male writers of this film..think again!!!

No. Not today, not tomorrow..and not even after Oprah's lavish interview with Mellody and George.

No. I am not.


Brenda55 said...

OK. I gather you are not digging the movie either.

Halima said...

I am not against you watching whatever you want to watch but folk need to STOP THE GASLIGHTING!

I am very disappointed in many bw who claim to be BWE who have berated bw over their reaction to this movie trying to invalidate their very valid reservations.

In a society like ours that is making such effort to get bw to believe they dont have any right or claim to any consideration, any curtesy and any concessions, we have a group of bwe who claim to be 'set apart' carrying the same poison and trying to confuse bw's compass.

...very disappointed indeed!

Jamila said...

Halima said:"I am not against you watching whatever you want to watch but folk need to STOP THE GASLIGHTING!"

That statement, and the post, pretty much sums the whole fiasco up. Either black women will see it or they won't; I think the black women who claim about the lack of bw in the film have a point and the bw who don't care about whether or not bw are in the movie have a point. The MAIN point is that bw have a right to go see or to not go see this movie for whatever reason they choose, and that should be respected without trying to guilt trip them with the "hollywood will never make another 'black' movie again if you don't go see this movie!" line.

Halima said...

Jamila I dont think it is as nuetral as that. i think it is very important for bw to acknowledge this now general delibrate attempt to erase them and ascribe them 'less than status', particularly when bm have a hold of the controls. I think a definite acceptance that this is the name of the game now is in order.

When you are grounded in that knowledge or that knowledge is widely understood, i am not really bothered who sees what. although one would think that since bw are already operating in a position of social deficit, they would want to do all they can to rebalance the scales by not financing their own marginalisation!

Anonymous said...

Halima you said " they would want to do all they can to rebalance the scales by not financing their own marginalisation!"...I second your point!!!

This is EXACTLY what we as bw must do in order for the gaslighting to stop!

And it really isnt about "oh just go if you want to or not.." its really about - "if these two black male writers had WANTED a BW to be highlighted as a normal love interest for one of these Black male pilots...then...guess what...these 2 Black male writers would have done JUST THAT!!!"

So Jamila , you see that since they felt NO OVERWHELMING need to do JUST THAT { and yes look at who with the heavyweight Hollywood presence was in their corner - George - Skywalker Ranch, Star Wars etc- Lucas had their back so to speak. Meaning with a reasonable guess that these 2 Black male writers had unprecedented freedom to bring this historical story to the big screen in ANY WAY they saw fit.

So, rounding the corner back to my point - these 2 Black male writers CHOSE to diminish, eliminate, castigate, etc any involvement of Black women in what would be the normal romanticized telling of "the fly-boy" tale inside of an historical retelling.

Since they CHOSE to ignore me...excuse me while I CHOOSE to ignore this film.


Anonymous said...

I 100% CO-SIGN with Halima. I am truly convinced beyond a shadow of doubt, a large proportion of black women are brainwashed to accept a position of invisibility and inferiority. That is the only way they are able to reason this film is worth being seen. No other self-respecting race of woman would spend a dime on something their image is strategically removed from with a fine tooth comb (let us not forget the black women who paved the way for black people to even be flying;Bessie Smith, or the black Tuskegee Airwoman Hollywood would have you believe never existed). The Tuskegee Airman are in history books and documentaries galore. You do not need to see this film to know who they were and what they did. The concept of fighting a war for a country largely run by people who harbor racism toward you, while going overseas to a country more accepting of you is also well documented. In fact, I would venture to say it still can be found today in the military of "post-racial" America. If black women can allow black males to pass through their wombs for years and then spit back at the women who gave them life by participating in her erasure, it really becomes believable that she would agree to throw her money to see this film. Think about it; it took generations of bringing shoddy males into the world without raising them to have black women's best interest in mind, for things to be as deplorable as they are. Obviously, I won't throw my money away to see RedTails and will be seeing both Joyful Noise and Pariah. To bring things to a close, I do not believe one can truly call themselves an advocate of black women empowerment if they have yet to completely grasp and understand there is absolutely no room for anything else, except that which serves to uplift and promote the interests of black women. Read the former sentence as many times as it takes for you to internalize what it means to be black woman identified and and committed to black women empowerment.

Anonymous said...

"Since they CHOSE to ignore me...excuse me while I CHOOSE to ignore this film."

THANK YOU. This sums it up for me too.

"I think it is very important for bw to acknowledge this now general delibrate attempt to erase them and ascribe them 'less than status', particularly when bm have a hold of the controls."

THANK YOU. This sums it up perfectly. This is the part right here Halima! Its right here in our faces.

sharonkay said...

Hi everyone. I'm sure some of you heard the news that Heidi Klum and Seal are getting a divorce!! I just wanted to know what you black females here think about that. They only been married for 7 years. I hear that a lot of black male-white female relationships don't last:)We black women shouldn't feel too bad after all!

Lisa99 said...

Sharonkay, I hate seeing a marriage break up and don't care about the race of the couple involved. I hope for the best for Heidi and Seal's children.

Am I supposed to be happy in some way about the breakup of their marriage? They have nothing to do with me. I'm very curious about the nature of that question...

Anonymous said...

I won't be spending my money on seeing this film because of the feelings that those involved with writing and acting in the film have expressed about bw in the past. Most of them have shown time and again that they prefer ww or just do not like bw. This is why it didn't bother any of them that bw were excluded; so I say let ww support this film because if bw support this film their money will only end up in ww pockets anyway.

Anonymous said...

Three or more high profile bm/wf marriages broke up recently. I dont feel any way about it. Terrance Howard, Kobe Bryant and Seal. I am never happy when people break up especially when they have kids. Heidi seems cool.

Interestingly enough just about all the actors in the movie are married to non-black women.

I was reading somewhere the other day where a publicist was at an affair and said that all of the actors at the party were black but none of their wives were. Sisters dont understand that this generation of black so called "elite" men will be narrying "other" women. Everybody goes crazy over the same old black men cause they married black women Denzel, Will, Samuel blah, blah, blah.

Anonymous said...

Good evening Halima:

I have not drunk from the red cocktail at all, Waiting for a movie about "Cathy Williams" black woman buffalo soldier. Better yet what about the black women who fought in the American revolution. At this time I cannot remember there names because I put my books in storage. Biddy Mason, Susan Clark and Mary Fields the list is long. Darline Hine Clark is a historian who has done large amount of research on black women in america.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! all of you ppl make great point's about this movie Red Tails but i BLAME! the writer's of this movie who are BLK-MALE'S!!! so bw pay attention about what's going on here look at what alot of these blk-mens r doing too BW how many r passing bw off as if they nothing and then blaming the WM! for it bw really need to wake up to bm BIG GAMES.

foreverloyal said...

To me it's a no-brainer. I'm not going to see the movie. I'm hitting up the theatres to see "A Joyful Noise" instead.

Anonymous said...

" was reading somewhere the other day where a publicist was at an affair and said that all of the actors at the party were black but none of their wives were. Sisters dont understand that this generation of black so called "elite" men will be narrying "other" women"

So true and they will look after their own needs as well.

sharonkay said...

hello. I haven't read this blog in a while and just wanted to check in to read any new posts. I am not a big movie goer and I really don't care much for the movies that are made nowadays. I am in my late 40's and prefer films made before 1990. I also don't care much for war films. Anyway, I did not know anything about this Red Tail movie until I was reading Evia's blog and what about our daughters site. I later learned that the movie was about the Tuskegee airmen in WW2. I think that it is a disgrace that they deliberately left out any Black females in this film. I do not plan to watch it at all. I remember from years ago when war movies with mostly white actors in it, had prominent females playing the wives, mothers, daughters of the soldiers. From what I have been reading about the red tail film, 2 black guys did most of the directing, and from what I read about these 2 guys, they are not for Black women at all. I believe that these 2 sorry excuses for men deliberately cut out any roles for Black women in this film. They even had the nerve to put a white Italian woman as one of the love interests of one of the airmen. I cannot in good conscience support this movie at all. No decent Black woman should support this movie. I feel that this film is a total insult to the real Tuskegee airmen and to the Black women who supported them in real life. I cannot believe that some Black women are so stupid and effed up in the head that they will support a movie made by people who don't give a rat's behind about them.

Sharonkay said...

I also realize that back in WW2, everything was so segregated in the US military. I am not saying that some of the Black men did or didn't mess around with white European women at that time, but from my understanding, the Black soldiers were under a much more strict set of rules than the white soldiers at that time.I doubt that a large number of these Black men messed around with the white foreign women at that time because of the very strict atmosphere in the military in WW2.Of course, I could be wrong too. Maybe some of them did or did not. I just know by reading history that everything was so segregated at that time and the white officers that were over the Black male soldiers were extremely racist. I am sure that if one of the Black men were caught messing around with a white woman back then, he would have gotten kicked out of the military or worse.
On a more pleasant note,I just wanted to say that I am dating a very nice white Jewish man from Delray Beach, Florida. I went down there to visit him back in October. One thing that I noticed while I was in Delray beach, is that most of the Black men in this town are from Haiti and most of them seem to take pride in their own Black Haitian women. I did not see one Haitian man with a white woman while I was visiting Delray Beach. They seem to have more pride in their women as opposed to American black men. I think that the average American Black man is a disgrace. We as black women of all ages need to move on and quit being so obsessed with these fools. We need to make our own movies and forge our own identities without the US born Black male.