Saturday, December 01, 2012

Clear thinking for Black Women

The real 'Body' if you ask me...what black women can achieve body-wise 

I am sure many of you who are trying to be vigilant about what you eat and your general health must have by now come across the story of how government, in collaboration with some very powerful food lobby groups, in particular the fast food folk, suppressed the information about how sugar as opposed to fat is the killer ingredient in our diets.

I was watching the BBC program 'The men who made us fat', a while back and it blew my mind how even government ministers (named and shamed), suppressed thorough academic research! In one particular incident a well known politician in the UK called one of the professors who researched the issue and arrived at concrete evidence about the danger of sugar, for a meeting. He being confident that his realms of evidence about the emerging obesity issue had suddenly broken through walked into the room with every assurance, but in a couple of seconds was devastated when the then minister tapped at his report and said in her very British fashion, “tsk tsk, very harsh aren’t we.”

I would say here that such academics also then suffer career-wise by coming into confrontation with powerful others who don’t want the word out about the dangers of the product/ingredient that is essentially their golden goose.

If you haven’t watched the program or heard about how sugar is the biggest diet issue in the West, visit here

The reports (there were loads of them) never got out and neither did the information that could have saved the quality of life and even the very lives of millions of people today! If confronted today about what was done then, you can be sure that the government will deny the conspiracy to deal deceitfully with the public, they will blame a previous administration or a single politician (preferably deceased), declare it an oversight or say 'we were working with the knowledge we had back then.'

It is a scary thing that the information that could save your and my life can easily be dismissed because a non-scientist or politician/someone who is susceptible to powerful lobby groups has the final say over the release of vital information. Yes we might be in a better place as humanity than half a million years ago when we battled the elements and predator lions, but each and every age has it's deadly issues. Do you understand the pitfalls in today's system and set-up?

Well thank God for the internet I say, and this is why everyone of you must be a researcher. You must devote anything up to and above 3 hours a week searching and researching information that will be of benefit to your life and your social progress. And don’t just research the top ten pages thrown up by google, some neat ideas and theories might be on page twenty because the person producing it doesn’t have the IT skills or money to 'optimize' their information on the web.

Many of us are running aspects of our lives by philosophies and concepts that are not 'mainstream' and they are yielding results! Atkins diet, Paleo diet have talked about the necessity of protein base for diets and many of these pioneers have been mocked by mainstream yet their theories have helped millions. I am the first person who will tell black women that they need to reintegrate into mainstream and stop side-streaming their lives because there are massive benefits and rewards to be had by mingling in mainstream as opposed to occupying side pools of famine (aka the black community), but we must not loose sight of the fact that the mainstream is also being shaped and controlled by those who want to promote a particular brand of life, understanding, news etc etc. It is important to watch how the rich and powerful play the game, because they often have access to vital information that is not common knowledge but which is the reason why 'common folk' are suffering deprivation, lack and poverty. A good number of rich and powerful folk knew about the economic disaster that came 2008, and they got out of the way as best they could!

From diet to career advice, we don’t need to spend hours in the Library yet never even get any significant understanding, these days catalogues are on the net, amazing libraries of information are also on the net. You can find the solution to any and everything if you spend time researching and each one of us can also expand the body of knowledge on any particular subject also by sharing information online as we do with BWE.

I suppose the question to ask is, what would you have done if you happened to have had that information about how sugar was the killer ingredient in Western diet. Would you have adjusted yourself to the vital information or been carried along by the way society was going? This is an important question for each of us to consider because the fact is, it's not just about availability of information, many of us are weak minded and crowd followers and we will not do something different to save our lives. Thats where the issue lies for some of us!

You are required to assist, and to rescue your own life, not follow blindly even the advice given by the FDA/government and other well known opinion formers. That’s the challenge that befalls the twenty first century human.

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arthur said...

Good topic, Halima.

It's been the same story here in the states. For decades, going back to the '50s, the standard government line was that high-carb diets were good for you. Fat? Fat made you fat! Protein? Too much protein would harm your kidneys (or something like that).

Behind it all was the enormous stream of money from the big cereal and grain companies.

The money went to campaign donations to politicians who would repay the favor by seeing the 'right' people appointed to the USDA, the FDA, the government nutrition boards, all the bureaus that prepared the various US Government Recommended Diets.

But as you say, 'the truth is out there' ... the internet has everything, not just what the 'authorities' think it proper for us to know.

maria cummings said...

Wow! And would you believe that I'm actually in the process of finishing a post about black women and weight control. The sad this is that sugar is almost unavoidable, it's in almost everything we eat. Sugar is like the crack cocaine of food and a very difficult habit to break.

But at the end of the day, we are all responsible for the choices we make. We can all play the blame game but at the end of the day, no one is forcing anyone to over eat to the point of obesity. If you don't mind, I will put a link to this post on my blog when I'm done with my post. But not without your consent of course.