Saturday, May 04, 2013

Some 'wisdom gems' on BWE

I think it's a good idea, to revisit some of the very important conversations we have had as BWE from time to time.

Diana Ross and Richard Gere on the dance floor

Over the next weeks I will be offering a few gems I found while reviewing some old BWE cuttings I had from yesteryears. I think they will serve to refresh our minds about some very important discussions we have had over the years which have driven forward our understanding about black women and their situation.

Anyway before the BWE gems let me highlight an important career building advice for black women in particular

How to Behave at work

Black women know and can attest to the fact that when they put on their 'A game', they are more likely than not to suddenly attract saboteurs intent on pushing black women back from what their A game is about to achieve for them. If black women are well presented, in shape have well groomed and health hair and bodies, they have other women (who realize that they are about to reap a harvest for their efforts) suddenly creating problems for them, instigating a campaign of negativity towards them, trying their best to remind others not to warm to them, and working frantically to reinstate the debilitating stereotypes that black women often are operating under.

I know and you too know all this but I am going to say in strong terms again that you must not let these things derail you. You must be your nice pleasant and kind self no matter what others do to show you up. Indeed even if they tempt you to an inch of your self control never give them an opportunity to say, 'I told you she was fake' or 'she is aggressive.' You must play this game to win, don't let them win because you have a goal in mind and you know what they are about, these people who feel that black women do not deserve any good thing.
let it be that even if they succeed in pushing you out (yes it happens in life), that it will be so glaring that they were the bitches, that they orchestrated a vicious campaign against an innocent person. Let it be that everyone watching and looking on will see clearly who the righteous party is. Let their cards be marked by onlookers. They may think they have done you in, but what they don’t know is that they have created a lasting negative impression of themselves as horrid people ganging up on defenseless others. It will not bode well for them.

Some Wisdom points
Black women and the rescue project

When it comes to how the black community continues to tie black women to the futile endeavour of 'rescuing their people', note that one very successful way they do this is by couching issues as if it is something black women still very much have the power to change or fix by their efforts indeed by their singular efforts. Black women are made to see the situation as something they can 'turn around'. No one reminds black women that building and rescuing the race is actually supposed to be a 'partnership project' without which it is doomed to failure.

Black women trying to hold dialogue in the BC space
Black women are attempting to dialogue about their situation within the insane space which is the black community. How do they expect to make sense and their issues taken seriously? Black women must create and indeed inhabit a different social and political space to black men if they hope to survive and thrive in society.

Beneficial behaviour not about how black or white it is
As black women we need to adopt beneficial behaviour which is not measured by how pro-black or white it is but on the gain it will achieve for the person who puts it into practice. Many black women are simply instruction receivers, accept to be told what to do, where to go having been 'captured' for the black community from an early age. If a suggestion isn’t within the perimeters of the black community many black women refuse to have anything to do with it, and hence they remain in lack and want because they do not seek out other pastures. Black women must as a matter of urgency reintegrate with broader society to get their wants and needs met.

Black women as a piece of equipment
There is no tender concern and compassion reserved for black women instead black women are simply seen as an appliance to be employed in the service of the real agenda which is all in the interest and comfort of others. Black women are asked to present themselves for use, and to be used up by the black community and then discarded. Black women who put up a resistance to this game plan are pilloried as disloyal, selfish and sell outs.

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ak said...

Khadija Nassif, as ever, had most of the best BWE posts regarding how to conduct yourself, how to live and what to observe. So were a lot of Rev Lisa Vazquez's posts on Black Women Blow The Trumpet. Khadija's posts on the more effective ways of owning and running your own businesses are some of her best on Muslim Bushido & The Sojourner's Passport.

FemmeNoire said...

Black women & girls deserve to live happy lives and have the same civil rights as every other group. It is as simple as that.

ak said...

I love the pic of Diana Ross with Richard Gere I'm fans of both of 'em! : )