Saturday, October 19, 2013

Your Personal Race

You are in a personal race for yourself, you cant give up. You shouldn’t give up no matter what. Maintain course in the pursuit of your best life possible. Go out with a bang if it comes to it, but never stop striving never decelerate when reaching for the dream you have for life. The fear that you have run out of time or that you were just too thick to have seized your opportunities when they presented in the past, can be crippling. Trust me I know. But if you can maintain motivation for 4 days out of 7 (even if you are depressed and demotivated for the rest), you can make great strides and reverse bad fortunes.

One of the reasons why you need to remain upbeat and optimistic is that when you are optimistic and hopeful you think very creatively and think yourself out of problems and come up with great plans and strategies and one of them will eventually lift you out of your situation.

Sometimes you have the answer there in the mid of the clutter and all you need to do is have a clear mind (often first thing in the morning) to recognize what you need to do. To buttress this point I will say that I have acquired (as most people) a fair bit of clutter over the years. I was recently wondering why I couldn’t seem to unravel a certain situation and was considering blowing some hard cash on a solution despite having bought bits and pieces to tackle the same issue over and over again over the years. After having the issue running in the back of my mind for a couple of days, in a moment of clarity one early morning I realize that I had a certain implement in my possession already that would help me do what I wanted. Clear thinking is necessary in our world of information and product overload.

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When you are depressed your mind closes in on itself and doesn’t see the breaches in what seems like an unscalable wall. So keep your energies up and your motivation at least for half the days in a week!

Again you might find that sometimes you just have to keep up your motivation to do boring things over and over when you cant even see the point of it anymore. Like a person who wants to play the piano will have to learn their keys, which is so boring running those scales, but guess what, the quality of their playing will be greatly enhanced when they learn and master the notes of the 12 keys.

Money? Sometimes you don’t need that much you just need creative thinking, in fact creative thinking can indeed lead you to put your unique signature on things, on your style for instance, on your make-up on how you carry out your work. Humans are here to innovate, its what separates us from the animal kingdom. After carrying out a routine for a while, humans will discover a better or more efficient way of doing it. It's this unique way of getting results that we can trade with others for financial security. Everyone has something: a process which they have evolved from its most basic formula. Look for something in your life that you have refined and added to and think about how you could make that into a product which can get you financial returns.

It could be anything and it doesn’t have to be a google glass type thing. Maybe you know how to sew skirts and have found a unique way of measuring for a good fit (I give this example because its sheer agony for me to find skirts that fit my shape and I wish I had dressmaking skills!). Maybe you can sew a skirt in an hour and you could set up your website teaching just that: 'a skirt in an hour or less'. Maybe you have happened upon a way to fill out eyebrows more realistically than pencils and powders and you could set up your own little concern selling whatever concoction and process gives you the realistic results.

Most people have skills and have unique formulas but they are just too lazy to take what they have to another level through study, self application and investing time and resources. By applying yourself to your talents and skills you will make them more unique and pick up ways and methods of being faster better and adding an edge to what you do. Just standing back from your skills leaves them languishing at an infancy level.

I firmly believe that we are all given talents so we can feed and cloth ourselves and those who lean on and develop their skills are helping themselves to a more financially secure future.
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