Sunday, October 06, 2013

A beautiful love story

Dear Halima, my wife and I have been reading your blog and we like it very much. My wife is a gorgeous black woman and I am a white guy. She's laughing at me for writing that. Anyway we wanted to share our brief biographical sketch with you.

In the 1960’s when I was a college student at a large university I broke almost every social norm and more in existence for a white, male undergraduate. I fell in love with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. She was a black, female associate professor who was eight years my senior. I was a dean’s list student, ROTC-type, poor as a church mouse but hard working.

When we met it was like a lightning bolt went through us – our attraction was irreversible. Two weeks after I kissed her the first time, I knew I wanted her as my wife. I shouldn’t have even kissed her – we both could have been killed for that in 1964 but it didn’t stop us. She took a professorship across town.

I graduated from the university, was commissioned in the Army and went to Vietnam. We got engaged. While I was in Vietnam Dr. King was assassinated and my loves house was shot up for being engaged to a white Army officer. I called her and told to leave town to go home to her parents and to tell them that we broke up so she wouldn’t be harmed. She did. I didn’t write her but sent letters for her to my Mom.

Three weeks later I was nearly killed in battle – my mother was told by the Army that I was dead – Mom had a stroke and never regained consciousness. She died while I was recovering and didn’t know it. My fiancĂ© moved to New England and taught there finally moving to Europe to obtain a psychology doctorate. When I was finally able to go back to active duty I couldn’t find her and her family wouldn’t speak to me.

But guess what, forty years later we’ve been reunited!

Neither of us had married. We spent two plus years going over what had happened. We got married last summer. We never stopped loving one another. We don’t know how many years we have but we have each another again. I guess my reason for telling you this is to tell others, do not be afraid to love someone.

Don't let superficial reasons like race or culture stand in the way. I like my wife and I love my wife she’s my best friend ever. The great wounds of the 60's that separated us have reunited us - love has won out.

Never give up.!
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful story. I enjoy reading this blog for its sweetness.

Hello, sorry for my bad English. I only want to say one thing to african american women: don't let anyone tell you lies. Black women are desired by non-black men of the whole world. In my country, Spain, black women from Cuba and Dominican Republic are highly desired by Spanish men, maybe because we don't have some mental issues here.

Believe me, you all BW of the US deserve happiness. God bless you.

ak said...

This story was very beautiful as if somebody could have taken it from a novel or something.

Halima said...

thank you kindly Hombre-Lupa Gardner :)

Halima said...

hi ak hop its well with u

Halima said...

hi ak hop its well with u

Akua Frema said...

*wipes tears* That was such a beautiful story, Indeed love conquers all!