Saturday, September 21, 2013

A great key for pushing yourself ahead

Knowledge is the key. You need loads of it to run modern life. There is information for whatever issue that you need it for out there; just loads and there are people who are not mainstream but have critical information that will give you the victory in any area you seek it. Such knowledge can make you stand out from the crowd (which is what you want). You can pick up an e-book on say dieting today that will give you the necessary info to sort out your particular weight loss issue just like that, but you wont get to the solution if the e-book just sits there on your laptop or at the bottom of your drawer.

How does the modern human however manage the bewildering amount of information out there, sort out the important stuff from the chaff as well as take on-board the gigabytes of important and useful knowledge that is needed to push forward in life? Many of us can't manage a book a month, and with the range of topics and vital info out there that will bring you victory in any area of life including health, work, beauty, finance, home management, time management, most of us are really quite behind and are not taking in the vital info that is available a page away!

Clearly if you have the ability to consume many books in a short spaces of time, then you have the ability to quickly lay hold of vital information that will take you ahead of the queue. Dedicating say a couple of hours to hit the books each week might not necessarily be the most efficient way to go about it. I believe if you are serious about information gathering, you need to learn to 'speed read'. It's a skill that you can learn and perfect so that you are reading a book a day and taking in all the necessary information you need from it! Imagine that!

I highly recommend acquiring this skill. Even if you read at twice the speed you do now, you will increase your knowledge base astronomically and be eager to read more and more. On average people who learn speed reading triple their reading speed, you will get through all those books lying at the bottom of the drawer in no time, gather the information you need and moving on to seek more and more and become better and broader in your skill set and much more. Remember that the thing that distinguishes you from the person in the lead is more than likely the information they have that you don’t.

Invest in learning this skill, I tell you it is worth it especially for knowledge gathering books (I enjoy reading novels and such at my normal slower pace because novels are about savoring a story, while I speed read with books for knowledge). I wont say I am even anywhere near good at speed reading but the ability I have now has lead to a marked improvement in my information gathering and my willingness to purchase books now I know I can be done with them in no time rather than have them gather dust!

As we move towards the last quarter of 2013 it might be a good time to look to clearing your reading back log and set yourself up with necessary knowledge for 2014.

Tony Buzan the mind-map Guru has a number of books teaching the speed reading skill but there are also other good books out there which you can research by reading reviews on Amazon.

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