Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Find a way to get back in touch with the joy and pleasure of being a Female (which essentially means being different from males)

It's getting hard to feel in touch with and positive about being a woman in our western society today, and I don’t say this because of real misogyny and attacks against the female of the species that we hear about everyday, especially in areas of the world where the female is basically still seen as an appendage to all other sorts of other agendas outside herself. I think there is a concerted and wrong-headed campaign to flatten all the difference that exists between men and women in a way that has backfired on the positivity towards being female.

I am increasingly experiencing irritation at women in western world endlessly complaining about 'the sky falling in' because some male said something out of turn. In addition, when I look at what is happening to young women in say Nigeria and compare it with the incessant bleating of women in the West about what is comparatively 'small fry' issues, I cant help but feel that something is all very wrong about the way western woman approach being female and maybe something very careless also given the examples of real suffering (yes I said real), that are all about and of which these same women become curiously silent when confronted with - or suddenly start hemming hawing about 'cultural sensitivity' and how we shouldn't judge 'other cultures'.

School girls (mostly Christian) captured by the Islamic sect Boko Haram
Each day I open the pages of a newspaper I come across the latest complaint of western womanhood about 'casual sexism', the latest overheard gaffe of some highly placed male and why this is a sign of deep rooted misogyny etc etc. Meanwhile, real attacks are happening, the latest being the plight of mostly Christian school girls kidnapped in Nigeria by an Islamic sect Boko Haram and likely turned in slave-'wives'. I wish for drone-fire to rain down on these savages and their enablers and harbourers. It's too bad for these girls that they have been kidnapped at a time in the world when sensitivity to all things 'Islamic' prevents the world from getting ruthless with these un-evolved excuses for humans or even naming the activities of these savages for what it really is.

It is amazing that despite real and deadly misogyny having free reign in many of these third world nations, the women there are still able to maintain the sweet fragrance of femininity while women in the west who have been 'liberated' from overbearing male dominance don’t know the first thing about it.

It seems the campaign to flatten any difference that exists between males and females and render all male responses as invalid if not evil is making great progress. But alongside, the confusion of the western woman about her role in the scheme of things increases.

How to be Irresistible to White Men: doing it the Asian women way

So I have been reviewing this e-book from Lisa Marble. I found it to be what some black women need to get into the relationships they say they want.

Some people have argued with the premise; why should black women have to emulate Asian women. To me the answer is very straight forward. Asian women maintain a level of success in the dating and mating game more than any demographic so for that basic fact it would be foolish not to take a look at their modus operandi for pointers.

The other premise which is being argued against is: why do black women have to make themselves appealing to white men. It presses all our black pride buttons in the wrong way I guess. My response is that political correctness can be a real problem to dealing with the real world. If you are a sensible black woman you will put away Political Correctness and get what you want.

I enjoyed the book and got so many pointers from it. Get it, you might learn a thing or two.

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Neecy said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I completely agree and have stated this on another blog where I feel too many privileged Western women complain about things we can actually change but do not want to because we want to have our cake and eat it too.

Yet you have 200 girls stolen from school, kidnapped, sold and being raped by feral males who feel they have no rights to education.

And western women who are notorious for OBJECTIFYING ourselves and sexuality as women (a damning anyone who dares suggest we stop) crying foul when men do it.

I'm so over privileged western women and their complaining when women in other parts of the real are *TRULY SUFFERING* and cannot do much about it but look to Western societies to help them.

ak said...

This is why I have a lot of respect for people like Bianca Jagger who left the partying (although absolutely fabulous) life to work towards women's rights and women's causes throughout the world especially in countries that are non-Western or non-Westernised.

Patricia Kayden said...

Let me play devil's advocate and ask a question: Is it because western women have been so vocal and persistent about gender equality (to the point of not tolerating minor slights) why we women in the western world have so much more freedom than women in non-western countries?

While some African women may be more liberated in some ways than western women, I have no complaints about being a female here in the US and would not want to live in countries where women can be kidnapped, raped and killed with no one brought to justice (i.e., the thousands of women raped in the Congo or South Africa).

For me living in a western country has made it possible to enjoy being a female, although misogyny is still a problem as demonstrated by the shootings that took place in California a few days ago.