Monday, May 05, 2014

Those Ideas floating around in your head are for something

Please note down the ideas that occur to you in the course of the day, they are important.

You may have as many as 20-30 insights and unique ideas a day, how any of these do you capture in writing or as a voice recording? Make sure you regularly jot down these everyday ideas as well as read over them at intervals. They may look silly or irrelevant but there are gems that are contained. The reason I say this is that those ideas come from your consciousness scanning your environment for the answers to the many questions and challenges that you are facing in all sectors of your life.

Diana Ross and First Husband Robert Ellis Silberstein
There is something very amazing about the set up of the human mind and consciousness that means that it is actively looking out for itself, to ensure it has a fulfilling time of life, aligning yourself with this natural and innate ability will support you in reaching important goals and ambitions in life. It will also make achieving your goals easier and faster rather than a battle up hill. As long as a situation 'occurs' to you and is noted as a thing in need of an answer or resolution, your mind will get on the job. It will weigh up the critical points of the challenge or problem and then begin to scan your environment for the right solution. You must learn to support and encourage this innate setting and turn it actively towards making life the best it can be for yourself.

If you are going through a challenge and you are actively thinking about it or it is weighing on your mind, at various points in time in the day, ideas will occur to you. Your mind could also display a variety of solutions for you to consider in a dream, it may even act out an aspect of the scenario when you are in a dream state so you recognize the connection between the solution being presented and the issue you are facing. Take these solutions seriously as they can be ideal and can work for you in real time that is if you can remember them and explore the options contained.

Also your mind tends to sift through dozens of options of 'what you can do', presenting you the ones which are relevant to your situation.

I have personally also found that often even if I think I have forgotten my mind can reach back, right back to recollect previous ideas and solutions that would be of use in the present. So that little piece of research you did sometime ago is not always lost, it can be tucked away just waiting to be rediscovered especially when you are in a state of calm.

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