Monday, September 29, 2014

A Man in Love, a wonder to behold!

It's good to see a man in Love!

A woman in love is great but to behold a man giddy in his infatuation is really a wonder to behold!

And so it has been for Mr George Clooney in these past few days up to his wedding to Amal Alamuddin. Watching it restores the idea of how love and being in love ought to be; it's suppose to 'idyllic' and euphoric.  I wanted to write about something else for this entry but I just thought I'll write something about the couple while the marriage and all are still fresh in the mind and while it speaks to me strongly.

So they had a whirlwind romance and then the wedding.
Love struck couple (Courtesy Getty)

It was pleasing to the soul watch him confess his love for Amal publicly, this eligible marriage-wary forever bachelor say how he couldn't wait to be married to her while given a speech a few weeks back. This woman bewitched him and he was so entranced that he went back on a vow not to marry again after the breakdown of his first marriage. It was good to watch it all, to see George so inspired and bursting with love and happiness -heck just watching him inspired me too lol- but I think more importantly it was good for George himself. It is good for men (despite talk to the contrary) to be heady in love. Who watching George could not but agree that he looked alive, looked healthier and happier than we have ever seen him, and a more optimistic person being so in love. Yet to hear some people talk you would think that men 'loosing themselves in love' should be avoided at all costs!
I don't want to idealize Amal and the circumstances around their romance but I guess it was her combination of attributes that clicked for him and was an offer he couldn't let go whereas with other women there just wasn't that final piece who knows. But one cannot doubt her intelligence(Oxford and NYU), talent and ambition in addition to femininity and beauty.
I am sure if you had told George last year 'George look, you have too many women at your beck and call, its not good for you. Lets change things a bit and give you a woman who you must work to get and work to impress. She wont fall into your lap, she will be as brainy as she is classy, distinctively stylish as opposed to classically doll looking,' I think George might have said, folks you are just making this thing damn complicated, give me a dolled up woman, any woman that appeals to me on sight, I just love women and enjoy like feminine company.'
Its not just men I suppose, many of us are quick to reach for fast foods to dull our hunger, we can be unimaginative and impatient and maybe closed off to more transcendent living and heightened being. In the area of love in particular we often don't know what's good for us and what will satisfy our souls, with our raft of prejudices and prerequisites and preferences for love to happen.
So like I said, it is good for men to be in heady in love -I wanted to say crazy in love but I think that phrase means something than what I think it means; I think it means psycho in love lol - to be so inspired that 'I am not good at marriage' becomes 'I damn well am gonna be so bloody good at this marriage thing because I want this woman, what else but married would I want to be'.    
Sadly today's dating environment breeds men who just want it in their lap like yesterday. If a woman doesn't jump to a man's call, he is off to the next. So many lazy men looking for the easy catch. Men feel personally affronted if they are made to exert some effort to 'court' a woman. Sadly I believe this attitude will mean that many will never get the opportunity to experience the heady and soaring feelings of those who have won through to love.
Many happy years to the happy couple!

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Unknown said...

hmm is it me? or does Clooney is starting to look like Cary Grant..LOL

Anonymous said...

Am with some others who say, "There seems to be something else going on behind closed doors." I find it amusing how the media appears to be catering to this woman. Something just seems a bit off about George's whirlwind marriage.

On the other hand, sometimes men wish for brains and not just good looks. Her humanitarian work seems to fall inline with his charity work. So, this might work out.