Sunday, September 14, 2014

We are rooting for you!

I received a lovely gift from one of my fellow Bloggers and readers, and I felt truly blessed. I can only say to S THANK YOU!
My last blog entry was something from my personal circumstances and you know it got me thinking about falling short on all those goals and promises we made about how we would do A or achieve B by a given deadline. Indeed sometimes when you read the writing of BWE bloggers, you can be left with the impression that the changes we require from black women are just a short walk away, but the truth is that most of the changes required to 'live well' will take anything upwards from 18 months.
Think about it for a second. Say you are overweight, it is possible to loose all the weight in a couple of months, but realistically anyone who has weight to loose and not just the odd flab (and that by the way is the category that most of us weight losers fall into!) will require on average a year and a few months, to sort themselves out if they are consistent that is. If they are not as consistent as they should be, the years can pretty much stretch out ahead. I know, I speak from experience (I must add here that it is important to start the journey no matter how long it will take and don't delay, make a start or a year will quickly pass by and you are still without any kind of progress no matter how little on your situation).
I will be writing an entry soon on the 5:2 diet which I think has so many benefits particularly for black women but for now, back to the point I am making, which is that you need to give yourself time and be patient as you steer towards your overall goal. Lets think about other things like getting yourself a good career; you might have to go back to school or start a business. It might take you two years to retrain and a good part of five years to start seeing a profit from your business. What about marriage and getting a good mate. Unless you fall into a very very lucky category of humans, from finding a man to marriage should take you on average upwards of 18 months!
As a modern woman use all the modern short cuts and modern 'ways and means' for speeding up your journey.
Drudgery is out! 
I am saying all this to say, don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t achieved all those lovely things you pledged you would after reading our blogs years ago now. As long as you are on the journey, keep at it and don’t loose hope. Don’t quit and you will get there. Keep striving to leave that neighborhood, to get a good job/business etc husband etc etc don’t think that you have let us and BWE down because a couple of years have past and you haven't achieved the goal you said you would at the end of that year. What lessons is life teaching you? Don't be too bitter to note the life lessons along the journey that seems unending. Remember the saying, 'Don't forget to smell the roses.' Life is really in the journey and not really the goal. You are on your own special journey different from everyone else.
There are some of us who preach who are also at probably the same points on the journey as you our readers. You would be very surprised to learn!
Next post available 30th September 2014

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Great post. Loaded with wisdom.