Tuesday, December 23, 2014

BWE is about Balance and Focus on the major thing - you

This is my last post of the year in which I wish us all a Happy Christmas and a very special New Year of dreams fulfilled and more dreams.

I missed my planned post for the 15th of Dec. It just got suddenly crazy busy. It amazes me that we go through this time each year but I never quite gauge how busy it gets so I say I will do things that I never get round to ha! I get better at some bit of the planning and preparations for Christmas however I guess because of the shorter days it does feel like there are not enough hours. I still overspend, forget to send a card on time, over buy alcohol etc etc but I am still working at it.

Today in light of the recent happenings/killing of black men and the spark riots, counter killings that have happened recently I would like to say something about the position of BWE in all this.

If you ask me what the most salient difference between a left and right world view is, I will summarize by saying that there is the position of the left that we should not put up with the world as it is but change it for the better. On the right the view often is that there is a way the world works and those it favors and we should all get in with these ways and methods of winning and the sad truth is that people will get left behind and even crushed by the system in place. On the left there seems to be virtue and on the right there seems to be uncaring self interest. The truth however is that things are not exactly as they appear, for one all the change we think we have made in our society might not work out as progress in the final analysis. Humans have moved far but we might end up in a place that is very unhealthy for the planet and for humanity. The ability to be selfish is also inbuilt into all of us or else we wouldn't do things that improve our individual lives on a daily basis, we wouldn't care for ourselves, eat right, exercise etc.

In all this it appears the key is balance. Even as a black woman you get pulled in different directions, you want to contribute to creating a better society but you must always keep in front of you your personal ambitions, your personal well being. If you forget your self in all this you will end up being used by others to push forward an agenda and then get cast aside. We all have one life to live and we need to look into that. Money and wealth makes life better. No left winger can convince me otherwise especially since they often continue to keep their personal or family wealth intact while preaching for a better world whether it be Naomi Kline, Russell Brand etc etc. Even if they are not massively wealthy they keep intact the net works and positions that keep them in lucrative deals so they are never living in poverty while speaking against it. To me the test of walking the talk is as Jesus put it, "sell you goods and give it to the poor'. If they are not doing this then we all need to focus on our own comfort and well being.

Poverty is a horrible thing. As I have written in Lessons from the Neighborhood it can be so mentally destructive and soul destroying to be trapped in a situation you cant change because you lack the finances.

The world set up that responds to money and wealth and favors those who have these will not change in the near future so you have to be at work trying to elevate your self and your situation so that you have a level of independence to react and respond in ways that safeguards not just your life but your well being mental and physical. Indeed if you came down with a bad disease today would you have the money to opt into some positive experimental treatments. What about your family members? There are treatments, diets etc that can go a long way in improving the lives of your loved ones but for the lack of resources.

So have a happy time of year and see you in the New year pumped up and ready to take on great new challenges to take us further and farther.

Next post available 5th January 2015

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GingerAngel said...

Halima... Thank you for your words! I am a lurker and wish you to know that I look forward to your posts. I live in the United States and was recently scorned for wishing to visit St. Louis on a pleasure trip and admonished (By a Black woman) not to spend any money period, after Christmas in protest of the killings in said city. I queried " How does that help?" Silence... Clueless,clueless I say!Again thank you for your insight. Warm wishes and create a Happy New Year.