Monday, December 01, 2014

Innovation is the name of the Game

Look at all the amazing things we enjoy because humans are essentially animals of innovation.  Having just been to the dentist for some major dental work, I am thankful that certain fields of endeavor don't stagnated but move on and innovate sometimes at a fascinating speed. Trust me, you want medicine and dentistry to evolve especially as you grow older and depend on these services more. Years ago when I visited dentists with my kind of problem, the dentist would simply look at his x-tray shake his head and schedule an extraction. Today as my dentist said, they work with 'tooth on the edge'.

Animals don't innovate at least not as a general pronounced aspect of their lives. If too many animals die as a result of a situation, predator or condition, a few of them will evolve past the weakness and their genes will pass on this 'innovation' to the next generation.

As for humans, we innovate on everything, even the most simplest of ideas and implements.

Needles seem to have been one prehistoric tool that enabled man to leap forward in his evolution. By being able to sew and make clothes, tents and etc, man (and woman) was able to keep warm from the elements and spread into territories were winter months lasted and lasted which would have served to keep out human populations. I just opened a catalogue and found an innovation on needless, that most prehistoric of inventions!  Made for people with sight and desterity problems (like older persons) apparently you don't need to squint and carefully thread this needle.All you need do is insert your thread from a top opening. Easy Peasy!

Innovation is the name of the Game. You as an individual need to be innovating. The way you did something yesterday, need not be the way you do it today especially if yesterdays method took up much time and resources. Sometimes its not just about new implements and discovering new patented tools and inventions. Organizing by studying a situation so that you can schedule it better is an area of innovation. Can you combine elements of your house work for instance to make them easier and more efficient. I am one of the great snoozers of all time who likes to stay in bed that extra 10 mins. It occurred to me and I decided that since I like the comfort of my bed and the feel of the warm sheets just after I have woken, I will do 15mins of reading in bed each morning. It works for me because I can do some essential reading at a point where it would have been simply wasteful lolling. I am just about to finish my first book using this morning reading method and it is a book I have been carrying about unfinished for months now. So yes 'life hack' (as they are called) tricks are another area of amazing innovation.

I warn that if you are not innovating in your life, at work and school, you might well be paying a price for it. The world increasingly belongs to the innovator (and I don't mean only major innovators like computer programmers and etc). At work, people expect you to take things forward and you pay a high price socially and economically if you are a person who just does it as it has always been done, and never finds even slight ways of improving efficiency or quality. Learn new skills, time management procedures etc to take your work and life practice to another level where innovating the tired and stale is your watchword.

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Anonymous said...

Well, this post hits home for me.
I have recently returned to work (part-time and mostly from home) and I need to catch up on the new technology associated with my skills, and quickly.

I have a needed talent, but it will go easier if ( when I become proficient in the new ways of doing the job.