Saturday, April 21, 2012

Next Level of Activism: The boycot Video

I have always said that the next stage of BWE (Black Woman Empowerment) activism will happen when the next set of BWE activists master modern mediums and use these to push the BWE message. That is why I was so happy this video!

It will get to a stage where the likes of Tyler Perry who cast bw bashers will realize that it is not a good business decision and that it will lead to their film tanking, therefore they will investigate each cast member for a clean record. Image in one fell swoop we can get rid of all these bw-bashers and teach others that its a sure way to career ruin to be a bw-basher. Not just that white media will also catch on that bw are punishing their detractors and will opt to not cast the likes of Terrance Howard, etc if they want to appeal to black views (who are mostly black women). So I am very happy with the work of this sister, 4Blackwomenonly, you get an A plus from me and God bless you with a million dollars in your bank account.

Now I want other black women to investigate and research for other instances of hate speach against bw, in magazines, twitter etc (these fools have been open and crowing with their anti-bw hatred now it wont be too hard to find the evidence), and either send info to this young black woman or do a similar well made video also.

And the least we can do is heed the message and turn away from all films that cast any bw-basher. As you and I know dozens of bw will continue to go to support these films, why?  Because their dignity means so little, because like Essau that sold his birthright for a plate of pottage, they wold rather assuage some temporal need for foolish diversion than sacrifice that for their future betterment and that of all their little black daughters who dont deserve to live under the poisonous atmosphere unleashed by anti-black women haters!

Anyway great stuff '4blackwomenonly.'

Please be sure to forward this youtube video to at least two black women you know at a minium! Listen up BWE black women, if you are really serious about ending the siege against black women, you will do your bit, and sending an simple and sensible video (which no one in their right mind would have a problem with) is just bare minimum. THERE SHOULD BE NO EXCUSES WHY YOU COULDNT SPEND FIVE MINUTES DOING THIS!

White male readers I also invite you to send this video to black female acquinatances. Just say, "I saw this and wondered what your comments are about this issue." By pitching in all of us, we will senstize black women to their duty to stand up for themselves and push back against the toxicity aimed at black women!

I say dont just boycott, "Bankrupt all black woman bashers", let them be out on the streets! So be it.

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Erica Lane said...

I've been a lurker on these blogs for about a year, and I just registered a gmail account so that I could comment with an I.D.

I've always been aware of what black men were really like - my mom was a mule with severe issues, but she refused to let me socialize with these men - but these YouTube videos have really brought home for me how INSANE these men are.

[I linked the video to my facebook page (as well as the one about Blackistan) so that I can do my part to spread the word.]

I always knew they were colorstruck and rude and prone to criminality, but many of these men are truly and totally deranged. I thought Khadija might have been exaggerating a bit when she said this earlier, but I see now that she was completely correct (I didn't grow up in an AA neighborhood, so I didn't see this stuff firsthand; it can seem sporadic and random when you don't see it daily). These men truly believe that black women are teamed up with the police to keep them down and force them to stay in the gutter. They say that white men are terrified of them and that white women love them and their masculinity. (They don't know how wrong they are about white men. They are so, so wrong.) And I didn't even watch their video - this is all stuff they left in comments on BW blogs!

Black women really will need to band together to get away. These men will kill them if they stay where they are. Neither they, their children, nor their potential non-black husbands will be safe in most majority-AA areas. I don't even live near many AAs, and I am frightened - FRIGHTENED - that these men will come to where I am. I'm moving to the mid-west for graduate school in the Fall, and I'm going to have to pay more money and live further from school to be safe, if is any indication of what things are really like.

That's another thing - the forums at these websites say that black men are leaving the ghettos and going to other areas to commit atrocities. The white men on the forums are beginning to discuss ways to get rid of them. i don't care about them, but I am concerned for the women who may get caught in the crossfire in what I believe will be a kind of race war (that will be limited to wherever deranged black men go). This is why I'm so happy to see videos like this and the BWE blogs. Black women need to get away before white men decide to crack down on AA males. It's not far off. I can feel it. Too many white women have been victimized by these guys. I can't believe they think they can get away with that.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to all of the BWE bloggers who've been sounding the alarm; even though I've always done the things you ladies are advocating, I've not done much to spread the word like you guys have. That'll change now that I know how bad things really are for BW.

Erica Lane said...

First of all, I just want to thank all of you ladies on the BWE blogs for telling black women the truth about what's going on out there. I've been lurking for a few months now, but these more recent youtube videos posted by black men have me frightened, even though I don't and have never lived in black areas.

I'm moving to the mid-west in the fall for graduate school, and after visiting the city-data forums and talking to people, I realize that I'll have to live outside the city and purchase a car to drive to campus because of the dangers posed by these men.

The white men on these forums say that black men are leaving the ghettos and going into white areas to commit crimes and atrocities against the women there, and they are discussing ways to get rid of them. I fear that in addition to the permanent black underclass trapped in the war zones, there might actually be a kind of race war wherever black men turn up and cause trouble.

I know it sounds extreme, but the way these men were talking, it seems like it's not that much of a stretch. They warned me not to move to certain areas, and were frank with me about the dangers there. The black men on the site tried to downplay the danger, but the white men weren't having it - they shut them down quickly. It's not looking good for them.

And these YouTube videos black men are posting are not helping their situation - they talk constantly about their hatred for white men, black women, the police, and white women who refuse their sexual advances. White men don't comment, but I know they must be watching at least some of these videos, some of the time. And when they finally take action, the black women and children who are around these men will be caught in the crossfire. They're the only ones I worry for.

That's why I admire women who make the videos like this one so much - they provide ways for women stuck in these areas to get out. At least one in five of the hood women has decent credit, and with four or five sources of income, they should have no problem getting into moderate neighborhoods.

The best neighborhoods won't allow section eight residents in, but the neighborhood isn't as important as the number of black men in it. They don't have to go to the best neighborhoods right away - only to neighborhoods with very few black men. This will be more than enough to solve most of their problems.

I really do wish them the best - I've never bought into BS on any level from anyone, and I feel really sorry for women who are more trusting than I am. I trust no one that I haven't known for at least a year, and who has shown that they are worth my time. It sounds harsh, and I admit that I am far too dismissive of people, but the alternative is far worse. I can't deal with that kind of dysfunction. I swear, if I was trapped in some of these places, large numbers of black men would come up missing.

4BlackWomenONLY said...

Halima!!! I am so glad that you mentioned this video. We want it to go viral so badly. Thanks for your support. I am one of the contributors for the 4BlackWomenONLY channel on YouTube. I am a frequent reader of your blog. We put up another video encouraging black women to get out of "Blackistan" and start their own Umoja villages like the sisters in Kenya. We will put up other empowering videos when possible.

Thank you so much for getting the word out. We have to politically protect ourselves and our collective image. We need to take a hard line stance against our denigration and disrespect.
We also need to carefully choose with whom we procreate because we are carrying these harmful views into the next generations.

Is there anything you would like us to address on our channel? We would love to hear your thoughts!

arthur said...


Most of the training videos I've seen make their point by showing examples. It might be effective to show a couple of bw who successfully moved away and how they did it, step by step. Maybe pixilate their faces to keep them anonymous.

Patricia Kayden said...

Unfortunately, BW supported Think Like A Man to the point where it was number 1 this past weekend, but hopefully this blind support for BM will change soon.

arthur said...

I don't think it's bw, or bw only that are doing this. TLAM was released in 2000 theaters nationwide and is doing a lot of non-black business. Here in Orange County (Ca) it's playing everywhere and OC is less than 2% black.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point arthur. I was wondering how the film did so well depending only on black viewers.

ak said...

Hi Halima. That video and the second one was taken off of YouTube sadly. It's not on there anymore. Bang goes the message I guess.

Halima said...

No the above video is still there, its the getoutofblackinstan one that has been removed from YT but is available elsewhere.

4BlackWomenONLY said...

Hi all,
Yes, the "Get out of blackistan" video was flagged as hate speech and we have an idea who was behind it. As the message is too important, we posted a modified version removing the term "blackistan". Please still share the video with those who need to see it.
They (including those DBRs) will NEVER stop our movement to better the lives of black women. BWE is now too strong a force to be subdued.
If they ban this video too, you will have PROOF of the war on black women in America.
Fight on, sisters.