Saturday, April 21, 2012

Next Level of Activism: The boycot Video

I have always said that the next stage of BWE (Black Woman Empowerment) activism will happen when the next set of BWE activists master modern mediums and use these to push the BWE message. That is why I was so happy this video!

It will get to a stage where the likes of Tyler Perry who cast bw bashers will realize that it is not a good business decision and that it will lead to their film tanking, therefore they will investigate each cast member for a clean record. Image in one fell swoop we can get rid of all these bw-bashers and teach others that its a sure way to career ruin to be a bw-basher. Not just that white media will also catch on that bw are punishing their detractors and will opt to not cast the likes of Terrance Howard, etc if they want to appeal to black views (who are mostly black women). So I am very happy with the work of this sister, 4Blackwomenonly, you get an A plus from me and God bless you with a million dollars in your bank account.

Now I want other black women to investigate and research for other instances of hate speach against bw, in magazines, twitter etc (these fools have been open and crowing with their anti-bw hatred now it wont be too hard to find the evidence), and either send info to this young black woman or do a similar well made video also.

And the least we can do is heed the message and turn away from all films that cast any bw-basher. As you and I know dozens of bw will continue to go to support these films, why?  Because their dignity means so little, because like Essau that sold his birthright for a plate of pottage, they wold rather assuage some temporal need for foolish diversion than sacrifice that for their future betterment and that of all their little black daughters who dont deserve to live under the poisonous atmosphere unleashed by anti-black women haters!

Anyway great stuff '4blackwomenonly.'

Please be sure to forward this youtube video to at least two black women you know at a minium! Listen up BWE black women, if you are really serious about ending the siege against black women, you will do your bit, and sending an simple and sensible video (which no one in their right mind would have a problem with) is just bare minimum. THERE SHOULD BE NO EXCUSES WHY YOU COULDNT SPEND FIVE MINUTES DOING THIS!

White male readers I also invite you to send this video to black female acquinatances. Just say, "I saw this and wondered what your comments are about this issue." By pitching in all of us, we will senstize black women to their duty to stand up for themselves and push back against the toxicity aimed at black women!

I say dont just boycott, "Bankrupt all black woman bashers", let them be out on the streets! So be it.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Black women not ready to stop being spat on by Black males

...This is the reason why we preach for black women to disconnect themselves from the larger body of black women and seek their own individual joy. When you do this you ensure your sanity and ensure yourself a good life, away from black female 'willing victims' and women who are still happy to be spat on and degraded by black men and thus who ensure that more muck from black men is heading their way.
She thinks its funny have a cake this gruesome

Indeed in the most recent example we have the black male actor Kevin Hart, involved in tweeting and posting vile stuff about black women and you would think that that would be enough to raise the self preservation instinct in black women at least enough to do what they need to do to put an end to these irresponsible, almost weekly acts of public degradation of black womanhood by black men. Instead what you get is black woman after black woman rushing to defend the black male actor and bending over backwards to both excuse and deny the intent of his actions, as if it is nothing for them to be spat on and disrespected.

Black women must be the only target audience for whom studio executive and casting directors do no due dilligence, and cant be bothered to ensure that the actors (the men these women will be watching) have a clean and respectful past with their target audeince. Instead and increasingly we are seeing black men who have raped and beat down and said the most vile things against black women getting some of the most plum roles in black cinema!

Do you know why black women have no sympathy for themselves?

One clear reason is that black women are trained to cast themselves as the broad-shouldered and mature adult viz a viz black men. When issues of black men and their situation etc come up for discussion, black women immediately slip themselves into the role of the adult who should therefore be understanding and symptahetic in their view of black men (as the adult in the situation) and regard black men's actions in the most sympathetic of ways even when these men are brutalizing black women.

You need to disengage yourself from any notion that, "We have to be understanding and concerned about black men because they suffer and are victimized." Its time to tell all and sundry that you have run out of sympathy for black men and whatever little sympathy you have left you want to now focus on poor black women especially black girls who have had to go without care and concern from anybody from forever.

Tell folks who want to recruit you to black men's sympathy and excusing club, that you are no longer willing to be cast as the big sister, the older mature one viz a viz black men, and that you now duly and willingly elevate black men to the same level as yourself ie as a mature, competent person who should be held to an adult standard and adult responsibilty for their actions and not excused/understood in their agression and brutality because somehow they are the 'infants' and the victims in the arrangement!

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