Friday, May 15, 2015

They are Still at it!

Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) Poster

Yes black ladies, they are still at it!

The only black woman among the team of actresses of all races from the movie Pitch Perfect 2 and she gets to play 'the butch'. Look how she is squatting in the picture. You can barely see her as a female, she is the 'male' of the group essentially. It's all very deliberate and in line with broader representations of black women. And if it was done without conscious thought then realize how strong and persistent the construction of black women as masculine continues to be. Indeed it appears not to have waned since the time of Sojourner Truth who asked in her historic speech in 1851 of the same title, 'Ain't I a woman' .  Actually this trailer image has half the number of women of the other fuller poster were I counted at least 12 different actresses, each of them allowed to look leggy, feminine and longhaired except the black one among them (they do all they can to keep Rebel Wilson contd